Why is the AMX 30 DCA the only spaa to have been upped to 8.7

So some updates ago, the AMX 30DCA had been moved up from 8.3 to 8.7 with the excuse of it “having an active radar” despite every other nation having a radar spaa, so explain to me WHY WAS IT THE ONLY ONE TO BE UPTIERED ???
Russia even have a 7.7 SPAA WITH a radar, so why ?

TBH i just got my first heli (the H-34) and i don’t even have the time to get to a firing spot (the missiles have only 3.5km of firing distance) that i’m being freaking sniped by a radar spaa, like at least let me get into position ffs…
Seriously, were france main really THAT better than other playes to be nerfed like that ?
i’m at 8.3 and i have to use a 5.7 spaa that ISN’T EVEN A REAL SPAA (it’s an anti-infantry vehicle…) to fight jets and tanks, like really guys…

so i’m suggesting 2 options:

  • either the AMX get back to 8.3 like every other nation
  • or you move up all other radar spaa to 8.7 for it to be even FAIR
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That was not the reason lol.


this is a you problem unfortunately, 3.5km is more than enough to snipe SPAA without them having any ability to fire back


that’s what i’ve read tbh, but if it’s an another reason, i’d like to know it

The DCA was moved up because of its access to APDS in its general usage belt. It has over 600 rounds of APDS making it effectively an IFV.

For comparison the Type 87 RCV is 9.0 with only 92mm of penetration albeit APFSDS rather than APDS. Add in the DCA’s radar and tracking, mobility is very high, it’s well placed at 8.7.

You shouldn’t need it at 8.3 anyway since France’s lineup there was moved up to 8.7.

Probably because its a falcon that loses the stabiliser in exchange for being faster, better protected, more ammo and a radar.
Those APDS belts are monsters.

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Take my advice, stick with 7.7 until you get 8.7. France 8.3 has little to offer. You get:

  • A 6.7 LT with ATGMs that are unusable within 200 meters and barely useable beyond that.
  • 90mm APFSDS which is a lot worse than it sounds, on a paper thin LT that can be .50 cal’d to death.
  • A surprisingly slow but agile armored car with decent 105mm APFSDS. This is probably your best option.
  • Bore launched ATGMs with recoil ensuring you miss at close range, and are fast enough to make corrections difficult at longer ranges. You will never be in a position where the ACRA isn’t objectively worse than the base AMX-30.

Meanwhile, at 8.7, you get nothing stabilized still, which is a pain, but:

  • SK-105, one of the most slept on LTs in the game with a LRF, 4 second reload, solid dart and a somewhat trolly interior layout
  • AMX-30 B2, which while unstabilized does get a everything else other 8.7 MBTs have, on top of a better than average dart and thermals.
  • AMX-30 B2 BRENUS, which gets everything the B2 has, plus ERA and a dazzler that throws off most ATGMs you’ll see at the tier, including helicopter ones if you angle it up towards them.
  • MEPHISTO, which used to be great if map dependant, but now that the ATGMs detonate when hit, is pretty much useless. Can be swapped for the AMX-10RC.
  • AMX 30 DCA, which has devastating punch against lightly armored targets and almost all MBTs from the flat side. Not stabilized, but the gun moves quick enough to be mostly accurate on the move. Not great against planes, but useable against close and slow aircraft.

For 8.3 is a decent apfsds, i actually enjoyed the mars