Why is the ammunition of the He-51 A-1 jet missing?

Dear War Thunder Team,

As a member of the War Thunder community, I would like to share my thoughts and suggestions regarding the integration of AIM-9X missiles with the HE-51 A-1 aircraft. I believe that this addition would positively impact both the historical accuracy and playability of the game.

Firstly, the HE-51 A-1 aircraft has served in various capacities throughout its history and is a significant warplane. This German biplane, first introduced in the 1930s, played a crucial role, especially during the Spanish Civil War. However, I believe that modernizing it with new technologies would unlock its full potential in War Thunder.

AIM-9X Sidewinder missiles represent some of the most advanced modern aviation technology. Known for their high maneuverability and superior target tracking capabilities, these heat-seeking missiles would bring a new dynamic to the game when paired with the vintage HE-51 A-1 aircraft.

Incorporating this combination into War Thunder would offer several benefits:

  1. Playability and Variety: Players could experience a unique blend of classic aircraft with modern weaponry, encouraging the development of innovative game strategies. This would help keep the game from becoming monotonous and ensure that each match remains exciting.
  2. Historical Alternative Scenarios: While War Thunder places a high value on historical accuracy, alternative historical scenarios and “What if?” narratives expand players’ imaginations and add depth to the game. Equipping the HE-51 A-1 with AIM-9X missiles would provide an excellent foundation for such alternative scenarios.
  3. New Missions and Events: This kind of innovation would present a great opportunity to create new missions and events within the game. Players could compete in special missions using modernized HE-51 A-1 aircraft and earn various rewards. This would boost community engagement and interest in the game.
  4. Technological Experience: Using modern weapon systems helps players gain more knowledge about aviation technology. Learning the features and applications of AIM-9X missiles would enhance players’ strategic thinking abilities.

There are technical and balance considerations to keep in mind when implementing this suggestion. Naturally, the HE-51 A-1 has lower performance compared to modern aircraft. Therefore, to maintain a balanced gaming experience, certain limitations could be imposed even when the aircraft is equipped with AIM-9X missiles. For example, the number of missiles could be limited or the lock-on time could be increased.

In conclusion, integrating AIM-9X missiles with the HE-51 A-1 aircraft would bring an innovative touch to War Thunder’s rich and diverse game world. This change would make the game more appealing and exciting by maintaining historical accuracy while incorporating modern elements. I hope this suggestion will be considered, allowing the War Thunder community to experience this new dimension.




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I agree with that one

HE-51 A-1 with Block 42 PW, AIM-9X Sidewinder, flares. 🐺 🇹🇷 Türkiye/Ankara 2015


I would prefer a Aim-9X and IRIS-T Combi

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You must have had a clown for breakfast… with a big spoonful of wisdom in your coffee!


hold on mods, let him cook

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historically certified

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My motto is, no picture? Didn’t happen. Clearly there is a picture here so musta happened


Will 100% need its russian ramjet equipped counterpart aswell!!!



I want the Ramjet for my Do-17z, maybe then it would be worth actually flying occasionally…




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I also have a source here on my desk that says that apparently the He-51 A-1 was also able to accommodate up to 20 Laser guided Paveways 3,without the need of having an external Pod because it has an internal last-gen pod located right under the pilot

Let me take this document,it is between the document that proves how Stingers can pull up to 90G and the document that proves how the T-90M can fire a tactical MIRV nuke


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+1, this would make for a fantastic german top tier plane