Why is the American F-84F the only one to keep its air spawn?

All of the F-84Fs (Germany, Italy, France, and Israel) got moved to rank 6 and so lost their air spawn…

Except for the American one which is still rank 5 and so keeps it air spawn.

They are still the same BR as all the others so it’s kind of unfair, no?


Well I think they should all be a the same tier yes.

But let’s be honest: The F-84F very much dominated the attacker/bomber field in RB at its tier - especially because of its air spawn…

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Yeah, I won’t argue with that. I wouldn’t mind seeing rank 5 strike aircraft also have their air spawn removed to be honest.

but dont strike aircraft majorly get disadvantaged when fighting dedicated fighters?
or maybe introduce airspawn for specific aircraft that need it

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Yeah, either remove the airspawn for all F-84Fs or add them back to the german and israeli one


It’s a bad fighter and a bad bomb truck now. I honestly except the german and israeli one to drop to 8.0

It would, but that’s the case for all strike aircraft at the higher tiers. Some nations don’t even have rank 5 strike aircraft and the moving of the F-84F to tier 6 just means the something like the F-84G will take its place. Better to just level the playing field in my opinion.

This absolutely needs to be undone. This change makes the F-84F completely and utterly useless. It’s not fast enough to get to a base before being shot down if it has to take off, and it lacks the speed and maneuverability to act as a fighter.

The only option for it now is to fly super circuitous routes along the edge of the map, which is just great fun… and everyone really loves having the matches drawn out by bombers trying to avoid detection.

Besides, it doesn’t even make sense as the US F-84F maintains its air spawn, even though it’s functionally identical to every other nation’s F-84F. Please, Gaijin. Fix This. Either give the other nations their airspawn back, or lower their BR to 8.0 or even 7.7.


Hey let’s just complain away the last remaining F-84F with an air spawn. Great idea guys! Big brain move! 🙄

Then start complaining that airspawns for all planes which lost it should get added back because right now it’s not fair that the US which has a much bigger choice of bomb trucks and cas gets a buff


What? You think the US deserves special treatment? All I’m asking for is consistancy.


That would be fine by me. Germany lacks cas after 7.3 and at 8.3 you have helicopters which can fill that role.

The flight modell of the F84F is broken. Nobody can tell me that you lose 2/3 of you speed with a 180° turn and speed, turn rate etc. aren’t good aswell

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I already did in the original announcements.

I did aswell and thought maybe these planes will keep their airspawn because it doesn’t make sense that the US still has one but here we are.

This is the same situation with the m48 GA2 and the magach 5. The m48GA2 got uptiered and the Magach was forgotten and kept at 8.0 despite being better.

Or when the german m48 was 7.0 and all other 7.3

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It’s proving again that gaijin doesn’t read community suggestions or their system is bad

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Its pretty extreme case of how ignorant devs are. All F84Fs either should have airspawn or none anything in between should be considered a bug. They are the same planes and we have mixed mm in air rb so really this is just classic oversight that has not much to do with M48 and others situation. Feel free to bump the report i made Gaijin.net // Issues again asking for consistency and not ignoring feedback we left on F-84Fs.

Considering the fact that the Rank VI+ removal of airspawn was a result from Mig-27/Su-17 airfield rush abuse, it should have been based in aircraft’s ability to go supersonic, not in some fictional rank placement.

F-84’s haven’t needed Air spawn since they increased the runway lengths years ago.

They need to move away from rank based airspawn limits. It leads to awkward situations like this, and setting up an arbitrary line like this just isn’t good for balance down the line.

A much more sensible system would be loadout based system. All strike fighters would get an airspawn at all tiers, except if they have guided air to air missiles in thier loadout. This means that even high tiered strike aircraft that need the headstart to hit bases would have that option, but you wouldn’t have to deal with the old A-5C and Harrier spam sitting 2 km above you on climbout with high G missiles at ~9.0 BR. If they want that energy advantage, they have to commit to guns only.

At high tiers, it might also make sense to split the airspawn between supersonic and subsonic strike aircraft, to give things like the A-10, Su-25 and Harriers a chance to reach the bases before someone bombtrucking in an F4 does.


Removing the air spawn was an excellent choice, as it could intercept other air spawn planes and bombers, and get to bases first, making it too useful for the team. However, the F-84F is still too strong: it has CCRP and CCIP, and can outrun 7.3 planes. I suggest moving the plane to BR 9.3, in addition to removing the US F-84F air spawn.