Why is the ags 11.0 now

it seems ive missed the notes on when the AGS got put up to 11.0 from 10.3, it really confuses me as its gun is not effective enough to be at the tier, the wolfpack has a far superior round but is still 10.0 apparently, is sub 400mm pen viable at top tier? it has genuinely baffled me as to why its all the way up top.

I’ve encountered this tank in 11.3 matches more than a few times now and everytime they have wracked up loads of kills, even saw one get 10+ kills the other day. Against 11.3/11.7s. Im left genuinely wondering how it was ever not at 11.0+


maybe its a skill issue on my part, id have no issue if it was given the same round as the wolfpack because then it would warrant it being at 11.0 rather than 10.3, i just cant see how it can be directly compared to the effectiveness of any other 11.0 light tank

I think its core strength, and what most seem to be doing with it, is sniping more with it. its really hard to spot peaking over ridge lines and even harder to deal with if you do. So its all about position. I also guess you need to have excellent knowledge of exactly where to aim for each target and also be a good shot. I doubt i would do very well in it.

I suspect it is a tank that just has a high skill curve. If you are good, you do really well, if not, you struggle more.

yeah its sad that its playstyle is now forced to what it is, it was a fun useable tank when it came out and before the uptier, i wish i could convert it to coupon and sell it now cause ill probably just take it off the lineup

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That is the biggest issue of big changes like thsi for event and premiums.

It honestly deserves the M900 since it was supposed to use it if I recall correctly. Without it I see it being a 10.7 vehicle at the minimum. Sure it holds its own at 11.0 in the occasional full down tier, but hardly does well against any of the top tier vehicles and absolutely suffers. Even struggles against 11.3… feel bad for anyone who spent money on this thing only for this to happen because of a small round buff…

That’s the correct answer. I hated it at first because used like any other tank, but once you learn better where to 1shot, the reload times and the places where you can get shot and not die then it’s a really cool vehicle.

BUT 11.0 with a 370 pen it’s a crime ( same happened to the hstvl and a lot of vehicles were you need skill so mayority of players avoid )

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It is very fast with a low profile, good gun depression, and, importantly, a crewless turret that doesn’t spall into the crew compartment or ammo rack. In short it can get to positions first and is then a nightmare to take out while it is hull down. When played well it is very good at what it does but it has a high skill floor.

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