Why is the ADATS 11.7 BR

What components justify its BR?

The ATGMs that are both good at anti-air and anti-tank purposes at 10KM range with a significantly fast velocity and good response. It pulls better than FlaRakRad at 5KM-10KM. And you can use them in even much shorter distances, they are very responsive, but the Pantsi-S1 and the FlaRakRad cannot use their missiles at short ranges, they are not manoeuvrable for like 1 to 1.5KM when fired.
Besides that you have High-Pen auto cannon, and also you have much, much smaller profile, basically you are a Bradley and easier to ride anywhere.

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How so?

81mm of pen is high pen?

It has a maximum of 32G pull, it does not have good response at 10KM

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It is slower than both the VT1 and the 95Ya6 by 200/300 m/s, what makes this significant?

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it has high pen ATGMs, thats how

it has fastest ATGM in the game, it is a TD after all, do not compare with the top tier SPAAs, but it has capability of anti air too. telling again, it has fastest ATGMs, not the fastest SAM. and compared to top tier SPAA SAMs, thats not slow at all.

i dislike the adats. its good at taking out helicopters but at fast moving jets not so much unless they are going straight at you. plus if you fly high and right over the adats and shoot straight up to hit the plane it will miss. Shoot it at a gripen and they just turn and burn and it cant keep up. If i spawn in a jet the pantsir has me locked in .5 seconds and will have me dead in 10 seconds. Its not even in the game as an spaa.


But we can agree at the same point, the FlaRakRad does not deserve to be at the same BR with the Pantsir-S1, the Pantsir should be sitting at 12.0 or 12.3. if you compare both, FlaRakRad is much less capable, but I cannot say ADATS is less capable than FlaRakRad. One is aerial purpose only with 11KM range missiles, the other one is both Aerial and ground purpose with 10KM range missiles with significantly high pen value and also has access to cannons.

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The ADATS should not have TD designation imo. Since the ATGM physics change it is far less effective against tanks than many soviet "spaa"s. The Canadian one doesn’t even have a cannon.

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900mm pen without tandem is high? The AFT-09 is 9.0 with 1200 tandem.

If we’re not comparing it to SPAAs why is it 11.7? The BMP-2M is 10.0 with a higher pen auto cannon and higher pen missiles (which are tandem).

I just did, it has the slowest missile of the ones available.

The US tree needs to have a better ( and dedicated ) SPAA, not an experimental anti-tank carrier they stick a radar on and say its good.

It wasn’t ever effective against tanks unless one was unaware and rolled up to you. It takes 3+ missiles for a knockout, that’s nearly half your entire supply gone on one tank. The gun is unstabilized, it can’t fire its missiles while on the move, it can’t depress its launchers. Its anti-tank role is completely irrelevant. If the ability to target tanks truly had an effect on BR the Pantsir would be above the ITO and the FlakRad as it has access to guns, something they both lack.

It should cost as spaa, but not as the atgm
Thats one of the reasons why usa loses, because they have very costable adats, while soviets just spamming pantsir and 2s6 for literally nothing

There is not a single feature of the ADATS which justifies its 11.7 battle rating.


In SPAA line

Unless USA and Britain just doesn’t have an SPAA above 10.3 in which case why the hell not? And if it isn’t an SPAA, why is it 11.7 with no stabiliser, bad ATGMs, and a bad cannon. Its like a shitter Bradley.

Pantsir is not that strong. With several missile aerodynamics change, now FlaRakRad and Pantsir both have their advantages.
VT-1 has better mobility within about 8km range, and react faster than most missiles.(0.1s delay after launch and Pantsir 0.5s)
Pantsir is good at shoot down helis for it’s fastest speed, and shoot those who watch phone when climbing for it’s long range, but hard to follow any plane that pulling high g.