Why is the Abram's engine whine louder than any engine in the game

Is this historical

It’s fuelled by people asking for the Jumbo to go down in BR.

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It’s not as bad as it used to be, and I don’t thinks it’s that much louder than other engines, iirc the Type 74 is way louder than anything else

It’s pretty bad. I was grinding the event as 9.3 RU, and even with Japanese teammates in Type 74G the M1 turbine from enemies would give me audio blindness from the sheer excessive volume it has. On small maps, they’re so lound you will hear them all the way in spawn from the start of the match.

Can always know an M1 is coming for you, because you’ll hear him from an entire lightyear away.


From my understanding. It is like the because it is a gas turbine engine rather than a standard diesel.

For gas turbine engine sounds, the M1 is excessively loud. T-80 by comparison is functionally silent. The only comparable engine in terms of noise is the HSTV-L, which is already absurdly loud at distance.

This tends to fly in the face of reports by people who work with the M1, where it is known for being fairly quiet for soldiers nearby (something like 40 to 80m away).

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