Why is the Abram's engine whine louder than any engine in the game

Is this historical

It’s fuelled by people asking for the Jumbo to go down in BR.


It’s not as bad as it used to be, and I don’t thinks it’s that much louder than other engines, iirc the Type 74 is way louder than anything else

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It’s pretty bad. I was grinding the event as 9.3 RU, and even with Japanese teammates in Type 74G the M1 turbine from enemies would give me audio blindness from the sheer excessive volume it has. On small maps, they’re so lound you will hear them all the way in spawn from the start of the match.

Can always know an M1 is coming for you, because you’ll hear him from an entire lightyear away.


From my understanding. It is like the because it is a gas turbine engine rather than a standard diesel.

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For gas turbine engine sounds, the M1 is excessively loud. T-80 by comparison is functionally silent. The only comparable engine in terms of noise is the HSTV-L, which is already absurdly loud at distance.

This tends to fly in the face of reports by people who work with the M1, where it is known for being fairly quiet for soldiers nearby (something like 40 to 80m away).


This needs to be changed

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I think those 2 are the same - different frequency perhaps. ALL tank sounds appear at the same distance. You could argue you hear every tank at the same time - doesnt matter if its loud or not.

The HSVTL is stupidly as well. Listen I don’t mind playing abrams like glass cannons but doing that is quite a bit difficult when your engine is SO LOUD everyone knows where you are at at all times!

Reduce the volume of the Abrams engine it is ahistorically loud.


I don’t fine it louder that the diesels however it is notably unique in its sound which makes it easy to distinguish.

Agree, the engine is obnoxiously loud especially compared to other turbine tanks like the T80


Heres a video of some abrams I took at fort Benning about a year ago. The sound seems to be extremely directional, you cant even hear the turbine whine over the noise of the tracks unless the exhaust is pointing at you
(Sorry its so short, file size limit is 4mb but you can see the directionally)


Its American,it has to whine louder than everyone else 😆

It is a way for gaijin to nerf the abrams. make it loud enough so nobody can be surprised by it.
Russian bias? maybe.

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If you compare it to tanks like the T-80 series that also use gas turbines it`s most defnitely too loud, Gaijin should either make the Abrams more quieter or the T-80 louder (I believe the second option would be the best)

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