Why is Sound still Terrible

Half the time I die is due to a tank that’s 20m away making either no sound or it is so quiet I can’t hear over the friendly tanks 50-100m away or I look over to my right as I hear an engine sound just to have the tank pop out on the Left side, and after it changes to sound on the left, Why can I hear my own arty firing off map to the point I can no longer hear what’s going on in the game, why are explosions far away louder than the ones closer? I JUST DONT GET IT

This has been a problem for years now and yet it’s still as bad as it was when I first started playing,

A friendly helicopter flies over you you can hear it just fine for 1km, an Enemy helicopter with little to no noise most of the time.


My dream is to have sound design similar to SQUAD one day. That game has world class sound design. Can tell exactly what something is, the direction, and distance just based on the engine or main gun firing. Granted theres a lot less vehicles, but everything in that game sounds so good.

Directional sound in this game is really lacking, its easy to know someone is close, but its hard to pinpoint exactly where sometimes.

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I have no idea why, but I’ve had the sound reverse channels on me a couple of times, so left becomes right and right becomes left.

This was months apart though, and may have been something to do with me alt-tabbing for extended periods, but it was interesting to say the least.


Switch your headphones around


yeah its specially confusing with atgms I still get confused if its from my left or right or coming from far to close or close to far or is it coming towards me or going somewhere else
ik its gaijin tradition to change sounds every major update
the sounds were actually working pre seek&destroy

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For some reason they tend to want to continuously tinker with the sounds effects process. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen that in any other games I’ve played. Just get it to work, and leave it.

I have no issue with updating actual sounds, like engine noise, or firing, but the constant changing of how sounds are processed in the game environment is disruptive to the game play.

Since the roll-back after the Seek and Destroy update, it hasn’t been to bad, although I have encountered the many vehicles with no sound (yes I know you can turn off engines, but these are moving) and if near the edge of the map, firing sounds that come from way out of bounds still occur which is weird because it makes me think there is someone there.

At least now with the enabling of the use of sound mods again, I don’t have to endure the stock games aircraft prop sounds. They are really sad, making what should be replicating a powerful merlin or large WW2 inline motor sound like a small Cessna.


My guess is game engine limitations it is a pretty old engine to be fully fair. No matter how much someone wants to claim a game engine is new. It’s not. It’s a new version but it doesn’t mean the old issues don’t return.

Similar to how the Creation Engine is just a more up-to-date Gamebryo engine but the same issues and quirks of the Gamebryo still exist.

Sound has always been a weak point in WT. The Sound Guy adds a lot of nice too have enhancements, but manage to break other perfectly fine sounds and periodically just totally hash sound directionality. Which is ironic because it really should not be as important a factor in a game like WT because you can NOT hear s#it in a plane or tank when they are operating.
But the kiddies expect the CoD FPS experience…

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About 2 years ago, I found the directional part of the sounds to be just right.

Then they released the patch where sounds were focused based on alleys etc, and next you knew a King Tiger II can drive right behind you and you wouldn’t hear them.

Since then, anytime I see a sound change announced in big update, I just dread the weeks of “fixes”.

Just make it work and leave it at that. If people want the CoD FPS experience, there are plenty of good modders creating content on the War Thunder Live site that will enhance the sounds.

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