Why is rank 5 so dead these days?

Waiting in the British rank 5 lines for match, 5+ minutes waiting for a game to start, 100,000 people in the server yet 3-4 in the waiting room for a game. Switch to US rank 4, 30++ in the waiting room, game starts in 5 seconds.

I come back an hour or 2 later, 120,000 in the game, same as before 6 in the waiting room for Rank 5, after 2 minutes a small 5v5 game starts which his stupid as half the team go to planes.

Quit back and as before Rank 4 is 10x busier.

I’ve played rank 4-5 for ages and have never seen this rank so dead.

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'cos 100,000 people are not playing it.

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What servers do you have selected / play on?

As @Josephs_Piano points to, people are mainly playing the other modes and more preferential BRs of RB Ground.

(RB ground is least played mode before naval, Sim, and PvE).

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Up to rank 4, everything still feels relatively healthy to me. In my experience, the quality of players also drops significantly at rank 5 and you have to accept much more that the matches are decided by the number of ODL players.
As much as I would like to play higher BR ranges … no thanks. Maybe I just don’t have the right skills for it.

I think a lot of people are either like me, and play Rank 2-4 (classic WW2), or race to top tier.

I guess that leaves a void in the middle?


Because the majority of people actualy stay in the premiums 10/10.3 and 11/11.3+

Because rank 5 is frankly unenjoyable.