Why is Object 248 on 6.7

Why was object 248 set to 6.7? It’s simply an improved version of the IS-2 which is at 6.0. The only real difference is the cannon. I would still understand it if it had stayed at 6.3, but at 6.7 is really bad. I keep wondering if Gaijin double-checks her Br changes before implementing them.


Cause it’s good, better than the normal IS-2 at 6.0 by far.

because it’s all about the gun.

indeed overall stats are the same.
but gaining 13mm of added pen at more then double the reload of the 122 gun.
Reloading in 9 sec is a HUGE improvement over 22sec, both Expert crew stats.
the only loss is the filler 246 > 100 g of TNT, that about the same as the 88L71.

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6.7 for it is a joke.


I mentioned this about half a year when gaijin made it to 6.7, and nobody cared because nobody wanted to play this****. Tiger 2 (H) is totally better than this one, but consider T44 and T34-100, or T25, the main issue is Germany suffers LOL.

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But worse than IS2(1944 mod), the armor is too weak at 6.7, even worse than some of medium tanks at this BR.


It’s not a bad BR, T-54 gun on a turret that won’t get MGed by planes.
At 7.0 though the T-44-100 takes its place mostly though.

From my own experience, it’s rarely fun on 6.7, because as a heavy tank, enemy shots only with luck don’t go through the armor and you are usually oneshot or more dead than alive when they go through and since you really often get enemies that are higher from the br so it can quickly happen that you have to fight Sumoa SM, T-32, M103 and so on

But not good enough for 6.7 compare the object 248 times with the Tiger 2 H or the T34

248 is as good as Tiger 2H.

Comparing the object 248 times with other heavy tanks on the Br such as the Tiger 2 H, which has better armor and better penetration with the same amount of explosives, and the Tiger 2 H also belongs to 6.7 but not the object 248

the only advantages of 248 is reversing speed when comparing with tiger 2, even 2(p) not H

Gun & speed, better than Tiger 2H. 2H just has better hull armor.
Tiger 2P has a vastly inferior turret.

the gun is worse than pak43, it only has 412B, reload time is worse( tiger 2 could be 7.5s if you are ace)and the speed is similar(Power-to-weight ratio 11 and 10), both 248 and P have 100mm armor on the turret, and H is 185mm

lolwat? 412B is the best round for the 100mm gun, you should know the difference between all of them before speaking, it one shots everything and lol-pens most things.

Don’t you know what the difference between br412D and br412B? OMG

Because the IS 2 series is under BRèd soley because of the long reload. Remove the reload and add a powerful gun and you get a chassis which is superiour to the Tiger II now with a faster reloading , but slighlty less damaging gun.

The IS 2 turret is better than the Tiger II turret. By a lot.

First, Tiger 2’s reload time could be 7.5s/round, which is faster than 248’s 8s/round. I don’t know how did you think IS2’s turret is better than tiger 2, even P, even 75mm M62 could penetrate some parts of armor of IS2’s turret, because it only has about 70mm.

I am not sure if you are talking about the transmission. but the chassis armor of IS2 is weaker than Tiger 2.

And? The 100mm is deadlier and can pen more at angles.

It is heavily angled and a volumetric trap. Even the 128mm gun of the Germans can fail to reliably penetrate the turret if it is not hit perfectly. The Tiger II has a flat turret, which does not have these “features” at all.

Yes, it is weaker but far more effective.

You are comparing raw numbers as if they had any intrinsic meaning in how a vehicle actually performs. But that is not the case. Even the best numbers do not guarantee a good vehicle, and bad numbers do not guarantee a bad vehicle.
Otherwise, the G6 would be an awesome SPA and the Sherman Jumbo an aweful HT.

The Obj 248 is more survivable, more agile and has a very compareable gun. The Tiger II H has more raw armour but is less survivable overall. It is also a bit faster but less mobile in most cases.

Both vehicles perform very much the same in game.

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