Why is Object 248 on 6.7

80mm/60 and 79mm/60, yes that’s more, only more 1mm

if not hit perfectly, Tiger2 could defeat some missiles, by the way, 248’s turret has a huge command tower that could be penetrated by most of the main guns

It’s not even the same concept. at least Tiger 2 can make sure 85mm gun or 90mm gun can’t penetrate in front, how about object 248? even pak40 or 76mm could penetrate it at 500mm

tiger 2 most of the time can be survivable because of the huge interior space, with better reload time and depression. and 248 only have -3 depression. my conclusion is not only from raw numbers, but also from your record, I wonder if a player who hasn’t played object 248 but has a good record on tiger2h could be said 248 has a similar performance? another german suffer?

HAHAHAHA. Bro. The soviet shell literally faces between 20 and 60mm less armour at angles. The numbers are worthless. Again you come with stats from a statcard which again are utterly meaningless.
Obj 248 BR-412B


Tiger II P Pzgr 39/43


the Tiger II shell has a decent chance to bounce or non pen at that angle, while the Obj will not bouince or non pen. You can also clearly see that the BR 412B has a much greater normalisation due to the soviet flat head shell design and larger diameter of the shell (218mm of armour faced by the PzGr 39/43 VS 180mm of armour faced by BR 412B)

Same for the Obj 248 regarding the missiles. Like it is for any heavy tank at that BR.
Regarding the “huge command tower”, that thing is still not easy to penetrate and also hiting it automatically means that a 1 shot kill is not possible. The Tiger II on the otherhand is very eays to penetarte on the entire turret face and oneshots are likely

The US 90mm gun can pen the turret front with APCR and explode the ammunition.
Just because they can does not mean that they reliably do. The Tiger II can very easily be killed by the 76mm gun at any range due to the flat side. the Obj 248 again resists more shots due to a better hull design, denser suspension/track and the obj 248 can better angle its armour.
Overall the Tiger II has better armour, but is still less survivable.

Because I have a good record on the Tiger II I know what it can and can not do. I btw also have aneven better record on the IS 2 1944 and normal IS 2 as well as the IS 1. The IS 1 and 2 sharing everything but the gun with the Obj 248 lets me make informed arguments about the performance of the Hull of the obj 248. Again I have played the exact hull with the exact same limitations except for the gun-reload.
There is not a single reason as to why I could not make a very informed statement about the IS 1/2 hull having played both and fought against both extensively.

This is a nonsense argument used by people who have no argument.

  1. You do not need to play a vehicle to make statements about its performance, regulary fighting against it is also information
  2. By only playing but never fighting against a vehicle you can also not make a fully informed statement about a vehicles performance, as you can not know about how hard or easy it is to counter/exploid a strenght/weakness of a vehicle without having attempted to do so yourself.

The Obj 247 slightly outperforms even the IS 2 1944 simply because of its better gun. And now that the IS 2 1944s are going up to 6.7 there is absolutely no reason to lower the BR of a vehicle which already stands shoulder to shoulder with it.

That’s a GFRB problem, on average German vehicles are placed at a higher BR in GFAB, the mode I play.
The KT (h) has been 7.0 for a long time there.

So I’m talking worst-case scenario. Guess who can be penetrated by 40mm ap?

Yes, in any range, but must at side, however 248 could afford pak40’s shot in front

" not easy to penetrate", which is the basic skill for kill is2 if you don’t know where can you shot.

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Yes, during my experience time, I can’t even find 10 players who wants to play it after it got to 6.7, and is2 1944 moved to 6,7 is because its front armor has been buffed, there are many vehicles moved to 6.7 which is very stupid, such m26 or t44, jumbo 76 and T25 are still in 6.3.

That`s a problem of the players and normal when an OP vehicle is moved.
It is a fact that it was OP at 6.3. There was no reason to play the IS 2 1944 if you had access to the Obj 248.

Again the lower armour protection is no argument for it to be belowe the Tiger II.
It has good armour, very much because of Volumetric. It has a great gun. Great reload and great mobility.
It is less versatile than the Tiger II H because of the limited gun depression.

Again inside a match the Cupola is bouncing shots all the time. The vision ports also eat shells. And If you shoot it with an actual gun of 6.7 you will notice that Most guns overpenetrate the Cupola and deal no damage at all or just to the commander.

There is not a single reason as to why the Obj 248 should be 6.3 instead of 6.7. Right now your only reason is “It is not an exact copy of the Tiger II”. In which case no vehicle but the Tiger II should be 6.7

The Op or why Gaijin moved this vehicle to 6.7 is because there are a few players played, then it has very good statistical data, it is really like the F86A joke before. If it’s really OP, the market value of this vehicle can’t be low.

Again, IS-2 1944 will move to the 6.7 is also not fair, gaijin moved so many 6.3 vehicles to 6.7 without thinking(or you can explain tiger2 P and m26 could be 6.7 as well) and its armor is much better than 248, if 248’s armor is good, how about is-1? they are the same thing, just have different guns.

What I mentioned is not emphasized at same BR, but notice that there are so many vehicles that threat this heavy tank in front, unlike tiger 2, most of APCBC can’t penetrate it in front in lower BR, at least 90mm or 76mm gun can’t. switch APCR when suffering tiger 2 equals suicide because tiger 2 has one of the fastest reload times in this BR, gambling with luck is ridiculous.

You just crudely comparing something that has a similar gun to the Tiger 2, as some have argued that the T3485 is comparable to the Panther, with a little bit of merit, the two are considered equal.

That’s not true. The market value fell because there is no lineup at 6.7. That is the reason it is not played. It was played to an extreme amount before the BR change. It was probably the most played vehicle of the patch. The T44 is actually an over-BRed vehicle, and the Obj 248 is significantly better than that in every way.

The BR increase of the IS 2 1944 is very much justified. And yes, it has slightly better armour than the ObJ 248. But again, the gun of the Obj 248 is simply better. The M 26 and Tiger P are senseles, sure, but the IS 2 is justified. I mean, I spaded the IS 2 No. 321 essentially in my 6.7 lineup just as I did the SU 100P because I am a masochist and wanted to spade the piece of shoit T44.
And how about the IS 1? That is another increadibly stupid question, as you already provided the answer to it. The gun is different. The entire reason why the Obj 248 is 6.7 is the gun, so a change to a much much much worse gun is going to result in a lower BR.
The IS 1 has great armour and a meh gun for its BR, while the Obj 248 has good armour and a great gun for its BR.

Again, your argument is, “But but but the Obj 248 is not a 110% copy of the Tiger II H so it should not be 6.7” Which is stupid. Again!
The Obj 248s turret is not strong because of its raw armour but because of Volumetric. Sure, the Tiger II Hs turret seems more reliable, but a shell with enough pen will pen the thing every single time. The same is not true for Obj. 248. Its turret is a blackhole, absorbing shells with 500 mm of penetration while taking no damage. Sure, it does not always happen and you never know if it will happen, but it happens regularly, and you can expect it to happen.

The T34-85 is actually a really good thing to bring up. As it suffers from the same thing that makes the IS 1 turret so good. Volumetric. The T34 85 is actually worse than the T34 85 D5T. Why? Because the D5T turret is a volumetric nightmare, while the T34 85 turret is more streamlined. A perfect example to show you that raw armour thickness is meaningless in WT

The Obj 248 is slightly better than an IS 2 1944, and both will soon be the same BR. Both are comparable to the Tiger II H. Neither of them is an exact copy of the other.

The gun of the Obj 248, after having compared them quite a bit now, is much better than that of the Tiger IIH. The Tiger Gun is better at long ranges due to the shell speed, but the Obj 248 can pen things much more reliably, deals more per shot damage, and has a very comparable reload.

Again. The Obj 248 sits at a decent BR for its abilities.
The reason it is not played much has nothing to do with its performance.
There simply is no 6.7 lineup for it to fit. The next round of BR changes will change that by force.

And quite frankly, I am sick and tired of repeating the same points over and over again just to have literally books worth of arguments summarised as “crudely arguing something”, just to have the exact same arguments I just disproved revived by someone who is utterly unwilling to see reason.
Mate, everyone in this threat tried to explain to you why you are wrong. No one brought forth any argument supporting your point.
There are plenty of tanks which are over BRed, the Obj 248 is not among them.

You’re completely unwilling to even acknowledge that it’s only a small percentage of players that are causing this result, and I’m tired of explaining Gaijin’s balance to others

Did you completely miss the point of what I was saying or are you deliberately ignoring my point. The reason why I mentioned the IS1 is that their armor is consistent, however, the IS1 isn’t tough in 5.3 either, even against 75 and 88mm it is weak

Once again, you equate luck with strength. Volumetric, of course sometimes can help you defeat high-penetrated guns by lucky, but how could you explain why the 40mm gun could pen your turret? This has already happen on my game experience, the only argue I can say is that you can buy it and try.

Haha, open your eyes, bro, in this topic, only your support 248 should be equal to tiger2, and don’t make Gaijin’s foolish decision as a reasonable explanation. What I can only explain to someone who doesn’t play it is by using paper-based data.

And by the way, if gaijin make the BR change reasonable, T3485 should same as other 5.7 BR german tanks to 6.0, but unfortunately, it can’t, because it is not good as panther A or tiger e.

How is one of the best received and most played Event vehicles of years, affacted by “a tiny minority of players”. The Obj was played extensively. If you fail to understand even sth as obvious and simple as that i don`t know what else you might fail to understand.

At this point you are spreading conspiracy theories and nothing else.

The IS 1 has fantastic armour and is a fantastic brawler. Your fantasies are starting to worry me.

Volumetric is not luck. You can get unlucky sure, but A Panthers mantlet is immune to most because of volumetric, same goes for the IS 1 and 2 turret. It is unlucky to get penned, not the other way around.

Again you come with this absolutely 0 sense argument. Mate I Play both the IS 1 and IS 2. In fact I am currently spading the IS 2 all my games on it have happaned in this week. All my experiences with the 100% identical turret disagree with you. All my experiences with me figfhting said turret are disagreeing with you.
Stop repeating the exact same disproven arguments or I will report them for the Spam they are. If you have no further argument just stop. But repeatiung the same stuff over and over again will never make it true.

Ok quote the people who agreed with you and made arguments supporting the lowering of the BR of the Obj 248. Go ahead and try to find them.

And? Whats that have to do with this topic? Can you stay on track or is that to much to ask?

Again every single point you made is wrong. the Obj 248 is good at 6.7 I suggest you simply get good at the game.

So that’s why you are still trapped in an information cell, believing only in yourself. Check what happened on the Italian sabre.

And gaijin believe it is worse than Tiger e and panther A

Well I overestimated your ability to understand, stop it, we can only speak of our respective experiences without being able to understand the most basic of probabilities

I can’t help a person who can’t find this topic say, only four people here, a neutral guy and a guy who thinks it’s not a good BR, if you can’t find them, you can say it.

I’ll admit to overestimating your reading and comprehension skills because you can’t read analogies, and then you just rudely assume that I’m wrong, which is such a waste of time based on your supposed experience of a couple of games that I’m going to set this to spam



Again what does it matter to this discussion? Nothing at all. My statements about its performance are true because it is at a lower BR than the Tiger E and panthers. It is not at a lower BR because of my statements need to be true.

Mate you argue that the Obj 248 is only 6.7 because “a tiny minority of players played it” while infact it was among the most played vehicles of its patch due to being a pretty easy to obtain event vehicle and an extremly powerful one on top of that.

So you can not find anyone who agrees with you.

Mate again. Get good at the game. and get good at debates, I can attest that you suck at them tremendously.

You brought up the T34 85 not as an analogy but to somehow derail the whole conversation to your pseudo believe that your precios Obj 248 was only up BRed because germans suffered against it.

Yep, of you loose an argument you just false flag ut as spam. Makes sense mate

I had so much fun with the 248 and it was a Battlepass vehicle I completely grinded. The moment they raised it, I never even looked at it or grinded a Battlepass ever again.

nice try

Give 10 times in br 6.7 you can even find a 248 player

Can you find one on your site?

I can’t explain to people who don’t have the most basic logic how something that didn’t have good enough armor even in 5.3 can fight against something stronger in 6.7 because of a gun

Last time threaten me put into spam and then tell me he win this argue because what he believe.

So they made 0 arguments and just cried. You again failed at a very simple task.

Ignoring 50% of the assignment and still only found 2 people XD

At least write comprehensive sentences. And I was not threatening you. You literally wrote the exact same thing 4 times in 4 different posts. That is spam. And I asked you to stop doing that.

You on the other hand false flagged a post with new stuff in it simply because you ran out of arguments. Which again is a clear violation of the forum rules.

So little kid. sit down and listen one last time.

The Obj 248 is a fine 6.7 vehicle. It was clearly to powerful for 6.3. The MASSIVE amount of people playing it while at 6.3 delivered all the data necessary to get it moved to 6.7. It has decent aremour an excellent gun, paired with good mobility and survivability. If armour was the only benchmark the Churchil VII would be 10.0

It is not played much at 6.7 because Russia does not have a 6.7 lineup. So people stick to the 6.3 lineup which consists of more than 2 vehicles. Simple as that. Same reason as to why 5.0 britain is not played.

You have brought 0 new arguments as to why it could not be a 6.7 tank. Your only argument is “but the Tiger II has better armour”, which firstly is not even 100% true and secondly Armour is not the be all end all.

So either you learn to play or you can go and cry in a corner for all I care.

Because none of them want to deal with your very stupid conclusions, and I’m the only one who still wants to save you, but it seems that stubborn people are always unsalvageable

So the rest of 50% care about you? Nope

Stop? You’re not even willing to give so-called paper data to argue why, just trying to say what happens in occasional situations and making it a regular occurrence is hilarious, I suggest you could put luck to more useful use

I don’t even know what you mean by good maneuverability and survivability, other than a better reverse IS not even close to a tiger, luck? 1%=100%? Or are you telling me 185mm < 100mm?

Haha, first you break the forum rules then you start blaming others

I’ve clearly stated having better protection and firepower and survivability, but all you see is protection, nice deflection

If you’re willing to be an orphan out there talking to yourself and then accusing others of not believing you because you don’t have a shred of actual proof and crying, go ahead

LOL, None of your points are worthy of my rebuttal because it’s all about what you got through luck, the same thing could have happened on Tiger 2 or even P.

So this is what happens when you can’t find anything to say after being contradicted by me?

Haha, mine would be just a single one and yours would be all of them, very classic double standard, you don’t have as much stats for several tanks combined as one of mine, very funny, I won’t even point out that you haven’t played this or it would be even funnier.

Accusations of crying and also threats, do I need to say anything else, this is already off topic.

Please tell me again why something that can be pierced by a 40mm gun on the front can give it better survivability than a Tiger 2

Well again, in violation of forum rules.

I don’t like to use dirty words for patients with mental illnesses, I can offer you a certain amount of free time if you need it

Your verbal tricks make me laugh, like a child who tells a lie and is caught in it.

That’s the problem with your low reading comprehension, which I obviously overestimated again. I’d like to point out that the 5.3 has the same protection as the 6.7, if the 6.7 can even be the same as the Tiger 2 then his defense must be very strong in the 5.3, your survivability point is simply wrong because even with the 88L56 he can’t defend it

Bro, says really, you don’t need waste time on this guy, he is getting crazy…

In fact later he’s ranting rather than pointing out the argument that 248 and Tiger 2 in a BR is a mistake on Gaijin’s part, just as Tiger 2P and H in a weight is a mistake

Maybe you are right, I have tried my best…

Managed to get the Object 248. It’s basically just the 6.3 IS-2 with a 100mm gun instead with 1/2 the reload speed. The gun is just as deadly as the 122mm and one hit kills everything I’ve penned so far. The 100mm gun feels less troll because it hurts when your 122mm bounces or non-pens.

It’s one of those tanks that absolutely clubs hard in downtiers. Tiger 1s can barely pen you and your 10s reload lets you mow down a lot of enemies.

It suffers in uptiers and against most 6.7 tanks though because your armor is inadequate, but the regular IS-2 (1944) suffers from the same issue. Just smash lower hull, drivers hatch, or turret face.

I think the IS-2s are all overtiered to begin with. Could easily drop them all down -0.3 BR.

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