Why is Night Battle still a thing if they ruined it?

What’s the point of there still being night battles if the complainers destroyed that mode? Night battles were never a point of complaint for me until they became 6x6 matches, with lots of bugs in CAS and Helis locks and an annoying barrage of light flares that don’t make any sense if players chose to play night matches because they already have NVD or TVD(in this case they ruin NVD vision).

I’m going to be forced to stop playing night battles, not because I don’t like it, but because it has become unfeasible.


Majority didn’t like it so gaijin made them optional


im only playing night battles to get the profile pic. I’m 35,228 away… it may be a bit since night battles dont come around a lot

Honestly for me it comes down to poor implementation. Originally, night battles were exceptionally rare, and were absolutely fun. Since it used the old lighting system, visibility was still perfectly fine (wish I still had screenshots of these). When they implemented NVDs, they also changed the lighting as well. These night battles were the absolute worst, since without night vision, you were literally staring at a black screen. Later they added flares and other minor changes that made night battles unappealing, especially with the frequency that was forced upon the player. Since then, night battles being an option in which the default setting is off, and limiting them to a specific BR range has made them more or less pointless. I would love to see a return to the original style but that most likely will never happen.

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For You, for me and many they were not.

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The Illumination flares do seem to totally defeat the point of night modes and really need to be removed


The fun bit is that since they made them optional and I selected them, I got maybe three of them…with that scarcity of night battles it takes forever to grind their achievements

It is mostly because of how few people want to play it.

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I dislike the night battles. Glad they made it an option, if im in the mood for night, ill have it on. For now, it remains off most of the time since Im not in the mood for night battles.
EDIT: Been a while, now im in the mood for it so ima turn it on lol

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I’m not too sure about that. My friends and I all enjoyed them the few times they would come up. I’ve looked around online for examples and all the comments are nothing short of favorable. Unfortunately the only screenshot I have of an old night battle is from a winter race, so the lighting is a bit better than it would normally be. Either way, like I said, visibility and playability were way better than after 2020.

"Night battle" from 2017

Night battle from 2020

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Jeez, huuuuuuge difference

You can have friends saying ‘a’ thing and find examples on the internet saying that ‘a’ is correct, but then it doesn’t mean that it was majority wants.

No one enjoys night battles(Except for a very rare few people)
That’s why you can’t find anyone to play night battles with you


Oh, I think, I might hijack this quote later on!

No problem with it, but please remember to link it then!

Night battles will become even rarer once players get their rewards, I unlocked the PFP and decoration and turned night battles off immediately, so newer players who get the chance to set night battles on will have even fewer chances of getting a night battle, but I could be wrong on that.

I actually like them but 6v6 is just not fun when a KA-52 or F16 wipes everyone out and the game is over. Night battles should be available as soon as NVDs are unlocked in the TT. Let WW2 and Cold War tanks fight in the night.

Not once did I say I enjoy modern night battles. I only ever stated that the old ones (like in the 2017 screenshot) were enjoyable.

Or rather that they made the option default to no night battles, and most players don’t care or don’t know about the option.

Implementation was bad and only got worse. I personally can’t be assed to care about some pfp, decal or whatever else they have to offer for playing the mode.

I have nerver changed any setting on my PC, but night was neither this bright nor this dark ever. The only time it was pretty much 99% dark was during a heavy storm at night without any moon and fog from rain - on the test drive.