Why is my tank always unable to move after hit?

I’m not sure whether this is a bug or something i need to maintain in the settings, but this akward thing keeps killing me:
If I have been shot at and, for example, my gunner is no longer alive, as in the screenshot below, the tank stops and does not move another meter until the gunner has been replaced. If that’s the mechanic, okay, I can live with it.
But if I shoot the crew out of an enemy tank, it doesn’t seem to have that. I can see in the action cam that his gunner is dead, but the enemy can still drive around the next corner in peace and then safely revive his crew.
What and where can I activate this so that I too can reverse again and retreat? I want to decide for myself when the gunner is healed!

You are playing arcade.
Tanks (with some very few exceptions) are destroyed if you have less than 2 crew. However in Arcade you have the ability to have crew replacement everywhere and not just at caps. If your crew falls to 1, it automatically starts. In the process you cant move. Not a bug.

Your crew is being replenished, you can see the timer white circle around that red crosshair on the image you posted, once that white circle is complete you’ll have a new crew member and can start moving.