Why is it the NORM to be uptiered?

I have tried to grind U.S. lately. After days of being uptiered I started to track it. Out of 35 potential matches, 31 were full uptiers. I started to back out of any uptier before it started. 2 weeks later, I still haven’t progressed beyond 6.7 with US. I play Germany at 3.7, 6.3, 9.3, 10.3. Russian at 4.7, 6.7, 8.7, 10.3, British at 4.7. I have noticed that around 75% of all those BR’s are full uptiers for me. Why is this the case? I know that the BR system has been throughly discussed. I have read that the system is something Gaijin is unable to fix. Is there a “trick” or “sweet spot” to avoid so many uptiers?


Some BRs are black holes for uptiers because of how gaijin makes a match (only 4 at the top BR, and the rest in the remaining 0.7 BRs) this must make it so that some Brs never get downtiers.

Statistically there should be a slight bias towards uptiers, but not at the rate some BRs are seeing, however it’s really bullshit to be uptiered ever match and not get compensation.

I’ve noticed 6.3 USA gets a fair bit of downtiers, as well as 8.7 China.

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I know that 8.7 Russia gets a fair amount of downtiers. I don’t want to have to play that all day though. I really wish they would fix the system. It would make it such a better game with that one thing.

You do realize how the system works, right?
I’ve noticed that most War Thunder players are quite deficient so an explanation is in order.

Here’s an example - you’re playing with a lineup that is BR 10.0 (vehicle with the highest BR in your lineup is 10.0). When you enter a match, there are FOUR BR RANGES possible.

At 10.0, those BR ranges are as follows:

  • 9.0 - 10.0 (full downtier, MBT spawn cost 150 SP)
  • 9.3 - 10.3 (minor uptier, MBT spawn cost 130 SP)
  • 9.7 -10.7 (major uptier, MBT spawn cost 120 SP)
  • 10.0 - 11.0 (full uptier, MBT spawn cost 100 SP)

There is 3/4 (75%) chance that you will be uptiered whenever you enter a battle.
But you do realize that in 3/4 cases there are also people with lineups below yours? Only in a full uptier do you not meet people with lineups below your BR, but due to the nature of the game - even in a full uptier, people usually won’t have a full lineup of 11.0s to fight against you (most likely 1-2 11.0s and then some 10.7s/10.0s, even 9.7s and below).

If you actually stop to think about the (very simple) matchmaking system, you will realize that it’s very obvious why you get uptiered almost every match - and you will also understand that being uptiered isn’t that bad, either.


I do know how the system works. I am charting full uptier by the fact that my MBT has a 100 SP cost to start the match. I had FULL uptier 31 out of 35 matches at 6.7 U.S. That isn’t balanced. You are running into Tiger II’s and Maus. That isn’t good in my book.


Those aren’t uptiers tho. A partial downtier is not an uptier in any way.

There is: full uptier, partial uptier, partial downtier, and full downtier.

I believe he talking about full and partial uptiers which happen way way too much.

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Exactly what I am saying. Didn’t realize that was unclear.

Well, it’s true that it’s a 1/4 chance to be fully uptiered as a base. But BR saturation also plays a role in it.
I played China 10.7 and only got fully uptiered once in 15 games, despite 11.7 clearly being a hotspot.

We’re both getting the same RNG so you can consider yourself unlucky if you apparently got FULLY uptiered 31/35 times. Which seems impossible.

I also PERSONALLY just entered a match with 6.7 US and I didn’t get a full uptier.

Yes I’ve noticed I primarily fight 8.7 vehicles when I’m in my French 7.7 lineup. T55 with a stab is an absolute beast to my poor Frenchies

No? if you are in the 2nd highest BR bracket in a match, you are partially downtiered. This is how I have always thought, and how I have seen many others think. There’s a full uptier, partial uptier, partial downtier, and full downtier.

As a France 7.7 players, its the same for me.


You can’t be “partially downtiered”, are you crazy?
Do you think people playing WOT think they’re downtiered with a tier 8 tank in a tier 9 match? That’s the same rhetoric where you’re implying a tank facing opponents one BR step higher is downtiered. It isn’t.

Yes you can. If you are playing 6.7 in a 6.0-7.0 match, you have been partially downtiered. Assuming relatively equal Br distribution in a match, most tanks you will be facing will be at a lower BR than your own 6.7 tank.

I understand your logic and reasoning, but I believe my classification is clearer and more defined .


The moment I stopped thinking about whether to up- or downtier brought me many new opportunities to go into battle mentally strengthened.
And quite honestly. From what I hear, I wonder why some people play hightier. It seems to be a plague up there in terms of balance and problems.

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You play the very top you cant play against anyone higher 😆

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But you can still complain, as some other thread concurrently illustrates.

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I dont think gaijin are liatening, shame really. They will go down as the most broken gane in history

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I feel like it should be impossible too. That is why I started to track it.

They might be reading this board. After I wrote this thread, I went and played 12 matches at 10.3. All down tiers except one. Thanks for the bone Gaijin!!

Because few people on either team are at tier. Preferable in my opinion to the alternative, where an uptier means everyone you are fighting are at tier and there’s nothing you can do.

Your never get down tier at reserve and your never get up tier in top tier, so ifmyou play mid tier you might get balance and that is where most play