Why is it so difficult to grind a vehicle without a premium account or premium vehicle?

I know a lot of other people probably are wondering the same thing, but I’d really like an explanation for this. I load a match of air rb with the f16a on the large Vietnam map, I’m emphasizing large because larger maps are known to give more rewards. Anyways, I go on to get an ace with the f16 and was hoping I’d load back into hangar for a decent rp reward, but somehow I only receive 3k towards the f16c, why is this even a thing? And no I didn’t kill any props or anything that happened to get into the match, it was all 11.3 and up planes. This game is a nightmare to grind if you want to be free to play, you’re telling me I deserve 3k rp for an ace game on a large map? On a 400k rp vehicle? Are you kidding me? Why can we not have a reasonable way to grind the vehicles we want in under a week on a free to play account? I don’t want to spend money on a premium plane or account every time there’s something new I want to grind, I’m so tired of it. That’s just my rant, I doubt this will get any traction but I just wanted to speak what’s on my mind, thx to anyone who reads.


They are running a business, and therefore have to have some incentive for someone to spend money.

Whether someone chooses the free to play option or pay for premium account is a personal decision.

That being said I pay for premium account because of the extra bonuses it offers, but I do wait for the sales and purchase it then.

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Its a “Free-to-Play” game. Like most “free-to-play” mobile games. They need to make money somehow,. so they balance the economy around buying premium time and premium vehicles

Because asking ~3$/month for perma-premium isn’t an unreasonable price. And if you have grinded an F-16, you play enough to warrant it.

That’s a fair argument, but my problem is the massive discrepancy between having a premium acc/vehicle, and not having one, I feel that the amount of rp you gain needs to definitely be increased, or even just increase the rp gained for higher tier vehicles which are harder to grind overall. I’ve played the game for 7 years so I know they need to make money since it’s a free game, but they need to also think about the people who maybe don’t have a lot of time to play the game or want to use their money on other things they need instead of war thunder, and also want to be able to get the new vehicles in a reasonable amount of time, you genuinely have to play 3 or 4x longer to get a top tier than someone who has a prem acc/vehicle. I don’t think there should be such a massive difference between people who choose to spend money and those who choose not to.

What is your true account mister?

The only registered Starlitee registered in 9 october 2022, and did not have played a SINGLE battle since.

To me you have “played” since 1 year, and have not the single knowledge of play.

I just made this account to make threads on the forum, my main account is Jailynn ひ

At least your frank with us,…

But this means you played since:
6th september 2017

Which is 6 and not 7 years ago ^^"

I play myself since 2013, and i did grinded most nations for aviation and i do see what you mean only since 2021, and the new additions of latest aircrafts of the time.

I know it’s not 7 years on that account, I first played the game in 2015 on my old xbox account with a few friends, which I haven’t used since I made a new one. So basically I could say 8 years but im pretty sure it was near the end of 2015 so I went with 7

Excuse my intrusive point on your experience but most of the time people who complain do not have any background of how/why the game is this way.

That’s why i was doubtful at the seen of Starlitee account.

For the rest, the other players mostly says it all.

It’s fine, I expected someone to call me out on that at some point