Why is german kv-1 B is 4.0?

yeah sure the br-305b (md8 fuse) is “weaker” (its less than 10mm less penetration which is negligible)
its more armored than kv 1s/kv1 zis in the ussr tree
it have more skilled player playing it as its a rare vehicle with no noob have access to it, considering gaijin raise up the br according to its winrate, this should raise the kv 1b to like 4.3 or 4.7 right?
why is it still 4.0?

Cause people are learning how to kill them.
M4A2 is quite literally the American twin of KV-1E & 1B just with less side armor.
APCR through the KV1E from M4A2.
Pz4s set up properly as long as the KV-1E isn’t driven by someone that can tap accelerate in a manner to keep the tank stable when moving forward.
And so forth.

It is a monster sure, but it can’t be 4.3 so long as existing 5.3s are their BR.

um? no? by it being 4.0 it can also meet 3.0, only selected few 3.7 and 4.0 can kill it, dont bother with 3.0
also have you played the kv1b and russian derivative? it have INSANE angle multiplier, the kv1 zis5 shell can punch through ARL44(ACL1) upper front plate where even pz4f2 struggle.
if kv1 zis5 fine at 4,.3 why kv1b isnt? if 4.3 is too much then why the zis5 isnt 4.0??

Cause the ZIS-5 has almost all the armor + a vastly superior gun.


It has a reputation as a bit of a sealclubber in the game, and it won’t face high-penning guns like the long 75 on the panzer 4s.

Yes, the ZIS-5 have a better gun.
Looking at your profile, you have neither of them.
Play them, then try again

Surprise History Lesson:
IRL germans captured so much soviet equipment during the first years of the war they started manufacturing ammo for some of these guns. These shells were of a more advanced APCBC design and gave these guns somewhat better pen, in most situations, compared to the soviet APBC. Of course, in this game the soviet guns are overbuffed so much, that if this ammo were made available for this tank, it would have worse pen than this gun currently has with BR-350B:

German data

Currently in the game:


If you want complain about German KV-1, ok. But dont use soviet heavies as examples becuase they are mostly undertiered and one of the best example is the Zis-5, 4.7 material since long time ago another example is the KV-85 equal or superior than the other German captured KV but with lower BR cuz soviet tank.

And the Churchill VII sits at 4.7 with a 103mm pen AP gun expecting to face them, the Jumbo, Tigers Is, Panther Ds, SA50s, APDS from Italy, the VK thing… but of course I am glad things aren’t centred around the Churchill VII as that would be a mess.

That tank makes me depressed.
You can take so many shots, but it uptiers… Man…
Good luck facing the Panther and Tiger spam

Fortunately there is an equal chance to be on many of their teams. Facing 5.3 or 5.7 Germany + US should be insta-win but RNG of what teams do trumps EVERYTHING else in this game in my opinion (I don’t play Top Tiers so might well be different, highest BR has always been messy from what I have heard).

I enjoy top tiers once in a while, but its a god damed mess mostly with drones, insane CAS, unbalanced gameplay, some biased tanks and helis (not just russia), new players in premiums, the worst sweatlords and tryhards and one death leavers.

6.7-9.0 is where the fun is at.
The last year most of my absolute top tier games have been squadron battles

With all due respect, you’re level 13 you still have to learn many things about the game, if you start complaining so early it’s because you don’t want to learn, if you move the KV1B higher it won’t be able to do almost anything, it would become useless.