Why is gaijin taking so long to add spall liners for the M1128

if possible i wanna hear it from an official, it’s a good vehicle it just gaijin noted that they’re gonna add spall liners to it but nothing for the past month


For the same reason its taking them so long to add them to the PUMA


I’m guessing (hoping) another batch of vehicles will get them next update, like how they do custom loadouts

Because manufacturers websites aren’t considered primary sources unless its to nerf something


whats the benefit of adding them? its still gonna get shredded by anything that looks at it

For the same reason why a M829A1 will kill only 1 crew member of a Leo2A7 if it is shot through the side at point blank: because spall liners right now are super busted

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It better go way up in BR when this happens

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You don’t have any clue on how spall liners work do you?

lol its not gonna stop my 30mm APDS kkkk

Seriously, T-90Ms, Leopard 2A7Vs and Strv 122s running around like headless chickens while getting shot in the side by a 120 mm APFSDS that gets completely absorbed by the spall liner… they are massively overperforming

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Spall liners are literally a War Thunder version of the Totem of Undying,they let you live after a very big mistake 8 times out of 10.


So you aren’t against them then?

Tbh T-90M dies most of the time beacuse round hits the ammo anyway

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Unsure if this includes any helpful information, but I found it interesting nonetheless. In the top right it lists the spall liner.

Anyone know why Bradleys dont have this cylindrical armor(spall liner?) in game?

cz it’s basically not russian?

Pshhhh please…. Let us have an OP vehicle for once

Like America doesn’t have those bruh?

Ground vehicle? Nope