Why is gaijin always keen on adding some fictional camouflage to the market?

Many authors have created beautiful historical camouflages for vehicles. Obtained a large number of likes in the community. But it has never been selected into the market box.

Some fictional and ugly looking coatings always get selected

VT4 is one example. For two consecutive versions, it can only obtain completely fictional camouflage. Even if the author has created the iconic desert digital camouflage for it.

In addition, there are many vehicles that do not even receive any market camouflage. Always overlooked.

Can developers improve this issue?



the last image is gonna make me grind china


They add fictional camos because people desire them. Frankly outside of a very few exceptions anything with a “historical” tag I just outright skip. I’m not going to pay for a camo from a different country or with a different number on it. Or like the I-225 in this most recent box which is just the standard russian fighter camo that most yaks and La’s have but the I-225 just didn’t have yet. Now you can pay for it… yay. I rarely bother even looking at most of the default camos that vehicles have. Sure, they kind of get cycled through in tanks for the various weathers and biomes but outside of that? Regular camos are boring. If I’m going to be spending anything on a camo i don’t want another forgettable variation on something I can already unlock. That’s why they add those “ugly” fictional camos. Some people would rather have cool designs and bright colors rather than a different country’s take on forest camo. Personally I hope they add more Esport boxes. First box they’ve ever added that had more than 0-3 interesting camos in it.

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camouflages with fictional tags can be blocked and are also enabled by default. This means that if you like this type of camouflage, you just need to go to the community to download it, without having to put it in the market. Because there is no difference. We like historical camouflage not only because it is real, but also because it can be seen by other players.

historical camouflage also has many unique contents, which can make vehicles more beautiful.

for example: silver Sherman (museum camouflage), tiger mouthed Sherman (Korean War), gold F16A, Chinese vehicle digital camouflage, German city camouflage…
In short, historical camouflage can also satisfy people’s special pursuits
many vehicles also have unique graffiti painted by members


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Because variety; everyone likes different things. Not everything added to the game is intended to please every single player, and that’s not a bad thing.

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perhaps they haven’t considered any issues, they just randomly selected

Have you been to https://live.warthunder.com? There is a ton of content there that you don’t need to pay for. Maybe you can find what you are looking for there.

the significance of market camouflage lies in the fact that camouflage with historical labels can be seen by other players.


Being seen by others is not unique to Historical camos only. Fictional camos from the market can be seen by other players as well. I have a fictional esport camo for my A-10 that i get positive comments about in around 20% of the matches I fly it with. People like different things. I’m sorry you hate fictional camos so much but that is not the norm. I’m sure there are people who haven’t enabled them simply because its buried in the menu. Sure there are some like you who intentionally don’t want to see it but I’d be willing to bet the majority of people who don’t have them enabled simply don’t know they need to.

If you look at the market, even excluding the tournament reward camos (which are all fictional designs) the majority of the most expensive camos on the market are fictional. There are a few historical in there with semi-historical barely even breaking the 15 GJN mark on anything. Regardless, don’t buy a camo to flex on others and be reliant on their validation of your choice. Buy it because you like it regardless of what others think.

The problem is how camouflages are selected. Its done by a close circle of staff members purely based on what premiums sell the best and what their personal preferences dictate. Than they vote on them one by one.
Very f r*****ed system.
Especially in a game in which fictional skins are by default invisible for others, and the boxes can be released without any skins related to the update. Just like how the Sons of Attila update contained no Hungarian camouflage despite numerous historical skins have been finished during the dev server.

Only now has a single Hungarian camo been selected for a camo box and even that is for the Hungarian Tiger 1 premium. Shameless and illogical system fuelled by personal bias.
Very unprofessional from Gaijin. And it needs to be reformed with new guidelines created to eliminate the staff member’s personal and unprofessional influence.
For example:

  • camo box should always contain historical and semi-historical market-ready camouflages relevant to new vehicles of the new update
  • should contain skins for new vehicles of past updates that did not receive such camos in past boxes due to an irregulated and bias-fueled selection system
  • premium vehicle skins
    *and finally, fictional skins