Why is ayit 9.3

it can carry 4x 18G missiles, TV guided bombs and missiles, flares and chaff,radar,rwr, good guns
how is this thing not 9.7 atleast

because they don’t know how to fly. :)

Because only 3 people play Israel.


Many things, wings that explode in mere seconds of taking off. Plus gaijin don’t care. I’m more annoyed it gets 3 mavericks and 2 wall eyes and 2 nords while gaijin are still trying to move my buc s2 up to 9.7 because it has a lot of dumb bombs.


That’s why it’s 9.3 and not 8.7.

S2 is 9.3, and random player opinions is not the opinions of Gaijin’s balance team.
Also if you want your S2 to remain 9.3, don’t bomb 3 bases in one sortie in air RB.

I’ll be lucky to get one with how many fighters love to rush them.


i have a feeling i might have shot you down in my ayit, considering i played it a lot at the time you posted this thread lul

stop whining about minor nation stuff, it’s one of the only good things worth giving a try and don’t let them take it away

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It probably should be 9.7 considering it has flares and a decent fm due to the engine upgrade and 4 9ds. Not even mentioning the ground loadout, but we’ll have to wait till they separate the brs as it should be more 10.0 or 10.3 for ground.

It has an excellent ground payload both TV Guided Bombs and TV Guided Missiles, while still carrying 4 x18G missiles.
And yes those TV Guided Missiles have 20 km range if you climb high enough, can’t zoom in though.

It should be 10.0 at least.

2 aim9ds, 2 shafrir 2 which are quite short ranged

“20 km range” that is if your TV guided weapons even keep lock, which they wont really do at that long range, ESPECIALLY the maverick A

Been there, done that, in the A-7D which sits at 10.3
Full 8K mega hyper resolution screenshot

Idk if you’ve ever actually looked at the Buccaneer’s loadouts, but it can’t actually do a whole lot else. Hell, its either bombs or flares on that thing…

The saving grace is that it can run away from subsonics… which isn’t a whole lot of help if there’s say, a MiG-19, 21, or F-104 left (oh, and they’re all 9.3. Why that is i’ll never know. And no don’t give me that “all aspect missile rubbish” if that’s the case why is the Hunter F.6, with barely usable SRAAMs, at 9.7 still.)

It has 2 bases of bombs, or the entire ground soft targets, with flares. Or 3 bases without flares.
I mained Bucc S2 during the peak of Mig-21s, was certainly a challenge.

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nah I was in GRB

I miss the days of small maps, each game I could reach 10 tons in bombage…. Looking back I’m probably one of the reasons they tried to move it up lol. Now they just made the base respawn time twice as long…… real shame.

tbh i feel like it might’ve been a mix of people getting kills with the 9Bs, a decent winrate (because we didn’t have people playing MiG-21 who didn’t understand that deltas like the Fishbed don’t have great retention and don’t recover speed that fast) and people accidentally/delibrately getting kills with the bombs.

The stats still wouldn’t be nearly good enough for a br increase. Gaijin don’t like us having easy methods to grind there game as it doesn’t incentivise paying money. I have a talisman on my buc and even now with the shitty brs and long base times I can still get around 15k rp in average and most likely more. On the old maps I was getting 25k rp minimum most of the time as I just snuck around bombing base after base which actually won a couple games for me in a 1 vs 5 situation. Luckily for me I have every British plane and now tank again after getting the chally 3 yesterday. But I just use the premium lightning to grind now as I can just rocket base after base while getting kills. Btw I only do this when grinding events or planes so I don’t steel bases from actual bombers.