Why is aphe and ap not modelled properly in game?

as my question above said why are nether ap are aphe modelled properly. I don’t want to go on about aphe too much as many people before me have said that the shrapnel of the round follow the momentum of the original shot unlike how it currently works like a grenade exploding in all directions. but my main point is one I haven’t seen much and how ap acts completely differently in game and in the demo video you get when hovering the ammo where in that demo the spall of the ap bounces around unlike how it works in game. and if you are going to not have ap work properly then why show it working properly in the demo.

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Ugh, to be honest with you, I don’t exactly know why gaijin doesn’t correct the damage of the bullets to make them more realistic. The only thing that occurs to me is that it is something that needs a little time to correct, but since that doesn’t generate profits, they forget and they go on to the usual, updates with shitty maps, many premium vehicles, quite a few copy and paste vehicles from other nations and three or four totally new vehicles, and yes, a few more bugs so that those who There are already and they have been dragging on almost since the beginning of the game, such as the issue of bullet damage.

It is on the spring-summer 2024 roadmap that they will rework APHE to be more accurate. It’ll come this summer.

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Yea, no. There will be a poll before hand. When it comes to the outcome of the poll i have a gut feeling how it will end.

I hope when that poll comes up, there’s an option not to nerf APHE (even if it would be historical), but to ahistorically buff solid shot (And possibly other low damaging rounds).

While APHE is severely overperforming, it’s also fun. It’s just fun to be able to take decent but not perfect shots and get oneshot kills.

And, frankly, it’s more fun to die in one shot too. I find it far more miserable to be sitting somewhere, completely disabled and unable to fight back, but forced to just wait around for my opponent to kill me. I far prefer it to just die in one shot and move on.

IMO, solid shot AP should just be buffed for more consistent damage. A wide cone of more damaging spall. Low caliber HEAT and APDS could be given a similar treatment (I’m ambivalent), but 100mm+ is generally fine. Throw in a HESH rework while we’re at it, make it a round worth using again.