Why i see updated/upgraded map worst than the old one

On this Topic i want to share my experience/ideas on every map which got update. Why i dislike the current solutions… and which i suggest.

When i have free time i will expand this topic with more map concept.

Fields of Normandy:
(key points marked with green(lime) and no mans land mardked with aqua)
Old Main problem: left side spawn always got spawn campers from half of the map and from church.


old_red_attack plan.PNG

Solved it?
No because church is one of the key point on the map and if right side team capture it spawn camping started, moreover they take a B2 zone and got a better opportunity.

What caused the upgrade?
On A3-A7 zone become as a field and no mans land and not worth to use it. Church able to capture fast and hold by the left side team and provide perfect cover to mates who capture it. Increase more to hold it as well. If left side team capture D4-D5 and hold A zone fully encircle spawn on B7 and we enter a same situation which want to avoid: spawn camping.


fieldsof normady blue.PNG

What i recommend?
-Restore old concept and move spawn point from A2 to C1-C2 where cover it by village. It will solve or reduce spawn camping effect. This also cause Right side team faster capture A point which left side team faster capture B point.


how_it will fix it..PNG

-Restore old concept and two more spawn point. This will provide more way and more opportunity to not stuck in spawn and die by spawn campers.



American desert:
Fields (Heights) of Poland:
Middle East
Sand of Sinai:
Vietnam Hills: