Why I personally think the small vehicles on sales is a good idea

Before I start this is my opinion only, don’t get mad.

As we all know, all of the “cool” vehicles aren’t on sale, the F-4S, F-5C, MiG-23ML, and what not. This sucks right? These are all vehicles that everyone wants.

Yes, that is true, everyone wants them, but why is that? Because of the “Big Three”. USSR, Germany, and USA, these three countries are the most loved by players, and the most focused trees. So why would Gaijin not put these on sale? It is going to lose them money right?

Well, yes and no. By having a very selective choice on what vehicles are put on sale, it puts these countries in the spotlight, and is more likely to be chosen for a purchase. If I wanted to buy a good premium Phantom, my first choice would be the F-4S, it’s big, it’s a “best seller”, and it’s cool, but look over here… a British version with half the price, why should I spend $109 on a plane, when I can get a near identical one for $54.50? If I wanted to grind a country for a cool F-16, I might choose Israel right? Two F-16s? They seem pretty cool… oh, but wait… their rank VII premium is $109, but Japan has an F-16, and their rank VII premium is $54.50.

This choice opens up some of the lesser known tech trees! It widens the scope of players! Currently 10.0+ is just Germany vs America vs Russia, and it’s getting so repetitive, with these selective choices, we’ll be seeing France, Britain, China, Italy, Japan, and more minor nations involved. This is a good change!

Yes, it might lose Gaijin some money, but overall it’s a good change for the community! Stop this stupid review bombing and look at the positives, sorry little Jimmy but you can’t buy that new shiny T-72 Turms, but you can buy this cool South African MBT instead!


In the end I had the same thought and in my misfortune I took the English F4 to start grinding the tree and the same for the Japanese. Which I would never have done if I had been able to get the American F4, although I would have wanted the TRAM to complete my line-up in 10

Too bad it will be for later (Christmas perhaps?) in the meantime I’m going to grind the English it will change a little.

Otherwise I find that there is still plenty to do, personally with time and the multiple sales I have almost all the premiums except the boats so the choice becomes more and more restricted but there is still the very good ZTZ, the T55, the somua SM which is a beast, etc. in good tanks on sale.

You have to know how to be patient on war thunder. I’ve been playing since 2013 and I still don’t have all the vehicles I want.

Good luck to the impatient ones lol


wow, no offence but can’t believe people but something just because it’s there.

I would love to buy “minor” nations stuff, but grind + copy paste + vehicles (premiums) nerf + unbalance, makes me avoid ALL purchases or at least no “good” nations ones
Loved Italy, nor its useless ( yes, yell at me), Israel has 15 magach (unplayable), China 80% copy paste Russia+USA, Japan and France looks good with kinda some problems BUT grind.

So, why should I buy any other than non top nations op vehicles ?

So they can play the U.S tech tree without having to grind it out.
This is such a strange complaint. Almost every Rank VII premium is C&P.

I haven’t really paid much attention to the pack sale controversy, beyond hearing that there was a lot of disappointment. My own opinion is that Gaijin should be more forthcoming about what vehicles they intend to put on sale, and set the expectation well in advance. For instance, instead of hinting that the vehicles missing from pack sales now might become available over the holidays, they should just come out and tell us. If I knew for sure that the F4S wasn’t going to be on sale in December, for instance, I might look at the UK or Japan variant now. Now, I’m left uncertain on what to do. If I buy something now, I’m not going to get something later. Then again, if I wait until later, I might be further disappointed and discover I can’t buy either.

More to your point, a big problem with the minor nation premiums, is that there are some horrible vehicles, that may just put people off those nations altogether. I’m looking at you, F-4J(UK).

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There should be another solution for the future discount event to avoid this clustertruck. For the most popular pack should be obtained by bundle only, while the least well selled pack can be bought independently. If you think I’m desperate for bargaining to the corporate (Gaijin) you are correct.

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Consistency prevents missed expectations. If you’re going to start a tradition, stick to it. If the last birthday sale involved all the store packs, it’s not abnormal for the players to expect (and prepare for) another sale of the same caliber.

Being predictable is a smarter business decision than to leave people with super high expectations, then letting them down because Gaijin didn’t feel like putting the most popular packs on sale this time around.

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I doubt people are going to waste their money on something they didn’t want because the thing they wanted and expected is not there.
And people would be playing the other trees if the other trees were 1: Good, 2: Not neglected and 3: the grind wasn’t so completely and utterly insane that it was actually feasible to play other nations but Gaijin refuses to budge on their absurd grindfest because ''oUr vEhicLe acQuisitIon rAtEs.

People want a jet for their tree to grind the tree, getting the same plane in a different tree does not help, they are often a means to an end and buying a British Phantom doesn’t get you the American jets you want.

People going out of their way to shill for Gaijin and jump to their defense to explain their incompetence are worse than the few hundred people who left a negative review in the first place.

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I agree they should be putting stuff out there earlier, but with the F-4J UK… it actually isn’t that bad, I don’t mind playing it, it only really suffers against F-16 and MiG-29, but that’s just compression,

A lot of minor nations are “good”, Britain is strong until you reach top tier, then it’s just average, Japan is good all the way through, Italy is good, France is good, Israel is good, and all the others, The only issue is that they aren’t part of the big three, if you wanted an F-16, (Which is generally the whole playerbase atm) why would you grind Japan or Israel for it? You’d grind America duh? Putting minor nation’s vehicles on sale, opens that up, makes people think about what alternatives they can play

Fair point.

I don’t mind the grind on the minor nations, it took me only 2-3 months to get to rank VII with the F-4J UK, and it took me only a few weeks to grind Japan up to rank VI.

Yes, they definitively lost a lot of money. They don’t lose money in selling them on sale cause they are virtual items, it’s not like if I don’t buy this pack on sale they can go sell it to someone else at full price.

Personally they lost my money cause I already own most of the discounted packs available and the ones I was interested didn’t go on sale, I was planning in getting 3-4 top tier packs that I will never get at regular price (70€). At least one of them was already on sale before, so it was normal to expect it to be on sale again since it’s not even a new pack.
But I’m good, I saved my money and already spend it elsewhere, I really don’t need those packs but I usually take the opportunity of Gaijin sales to get a few more and keep supporting the game(more than it deserves to be honest).

I still got the tanks I wanted on the in game sale, Khalid and Vijayanta.


UK is about the only minor nation that is decent, the others all lack lineups, are overtiered and have difficult to play vehicles that would easily be a full BR lower if they’d be part of a German or US tree.

I don’t mind the grind on the minor nations, it took me only 2-3 months to get to rank VII with the F-4J UK, and it took me only a few weeks to grind Japan up to rank VI.

Air is also 3 times easier than ground in terms of time requirement and less balance sensitive because anything can kill anything until you get to the nightmare above 9.0.

Mig-23ML, F-4S, and Mig-21Bis are all copy-pastes of tech-tree vehicles yet aren’t on sale.

USA, Germany, and Soviets don’t have “OP” vehicles, they have different vehicles.

I mean copy paste trees, I clarified when taking about China and Israel.

right, 2s38 is not op, turns 3, ka50

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Ka-50 was the same BR as thermally equipped 8 & 10km range systems with far superior optics for the longest time.
2S38 doesn’t perform better than other autocannons for their BRs on average, and its anti-armor capabilities are most similar to that of Strf 9040C.
TURMS is just a slower weaker armored T-80B.

Right, you just conveniently ignore the fact that Ka-50’s Vikhr flies in a straight line toward the target without the high trajectory and slow travel speed of Hellfire, this means it’s easier to hit the target, especially on its maximum range. If you used Hellfire before, you will find that it’s very difficult to hit a target in its 8km range because of its long flying time. Other helicopters at BR 11.0 like Ka50 has their own limits: either lack countermeasures (AH64DJP, YAH64), or has a small payload (Tiger HAD), or have no air-to-air missiles (YAH64), or don’t have 8-km missiles (Mi28N). If you ignore the tech tree heli, you just left with YAH64, which is definitely worse than Ka50. 2) 2S38 has higher pen than 9040C and the Air Target Tracking 9040C doest have. It’s VT shell also works better than the 40mm VT shell on 9040C as it’s a larger calibre. The large empty space in 2S38 also makes it more survivable than most of AFV in its BR. 3) TURMS compares to the premium Leo2A4 and M1, and challenger DS, has better APFSDS, auto loader, and better thermal. This three may not be OP but definitely tire 0 vehicles

probably a waste of time, but I am bored

1- Ka50 vikhr has 600 m/s speed + proximity fuse, it’s faster than most spaa except stormer ( no fuse ) and asrad, so if the ka50 shots 1st then the spaa is dead, with the fuse can also counter spaa missiles and since most of them have 2 then it’s another win for ka50, also flares can avoid IR spaa ( another win )
Fuse also works vs helis, since it has flares you can dodge IR missiles, hellfires are crap vs helis so, easy win, not sure vs china ty90 or aim9m, but again there are only 2 rivals.
vikhr flies straight, can hit on smoke, behind trees/bushes and better aim when the target is moving.
vikhr cant be flared, its fast and with fuse so also great vs aircraft

Also has better and more rockets, 80 vs 76 ( not big ) 420 x 1.38 TNT vs 290 x 1.19 Hydra/Mighti vs 350 x 1.17 british vs 150/300 china vs 400 x 430 gr sneb

2S38 compared with 9040C … pen 225 vs 170, fuse 6m vs 4m (tnt 400gr vs 190gr ) 148 vs 120 ammo, and of course, 9040C lacks lock little difference I guess. That would lead to compare with 9040B lock but pen is 225 vs 143, the only victory is rate of fire. I didn’t test so deep, but speed is 70 on the 3 of them, 2s38 21 ton vs 23 vs 28, armor is ~43 vs ~20, the fuel tank in the fron is a good armor too, but then we are moving from the obvious facts

Here I was talking about turm 3 ( the german one ) at 8.3 the only with 30 mm, fully stabilized with 350 ap that only a few nations get better with 65 kmh speed being the faster medium tank

In a way it is. If you don’t buy because it isn’t on sale, someone else will still pay fullprice. And you will buy it if it gets on sale eventually. That way they earned more. They harvest the full price payers before they put in on sale.

Vikhr has the pen of TOW-2.
Ka-50 sees mostly radar SPAA and photocontrast SPAA which flares do nothing against.
People forget how bad Ka-50’s optics are.

Fuse doesn’t matter in relation to BR of 2S38 nor Strf 9040C.

Oh, TURM 3. Yeah it’s just a TAM without APFSDS to me.