Why HKP9A (FC) BR is Appropriate?

Is there at least one reason why the HKP9A (FC) is on BR 9.7 in RB mode, if absolutely any other helicopter is better than this one by a mile?

Even if this is an objectively weak helicopter for its battle rating like Kisarazu, it is many times stronger in all respects than the HKP9A (FC), not even mention that the French Gazelle at 9.3 has, in addition to a roughly comparable preset, 4 ATGMs, and can replace up to two pylons with 2 missiles air-to-air on each, so in addition to the obviously superior list of weapons, it also has an IRCM.

One can, of course, assume that the fact is that the HKP9A (FC) has a thermal vision, but the Gazelle in the same class, lower BR, also has a thermal vision (I’m not even talking about the 8.7 Chinese Z-11WA).

Among other things, the HKP9A (FC) has lost the RWR from its predecessor (HKP9A 9.3 BR), in addition to the fact that there are 2 times fewer ATGMs (but we’re not even talking about this).

So TLDR, why in the world HKP9A (FC) even close to 9.7?

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