Why haven't you added the Saab J35F / Saab J35J Yet? (and the True JA37 & JA37D armaments)

Seriously, did they have to shove the J35D in our faces and then put the superior J35XS behind a paywall? And to add insult to injury, they didn’t even bother equipping the J35XS with RB 27 & RB 28 (Falcon, AIM-4A) passive radar missiles.

Before anyone goes on about how the J35D and J35XS are good if you use them right, let’s acknowledge that all aircraft can be effective if used “right.” The issue lies in the considerable time it takes to master their optimal use. Moreover, the J35XS & J35D, with their reliance solely on IR missiles against opponents with all-aspect missiles, put at a disadvantage. The J35D, which lacks flares and is forced to expend energy to evade all-aspect missiles, often resulting in the enemy catching up and launching more missiles that will at that point guarantee a hit or shooting it down with guns.

Furthermore, with F4 Phantoms equipped with Falcons, there’s no chance of gaining an altitude advantage to counter them. The only viable defence against long-distance threats is the use of long-distance weapons. Meet aggression with our own aggression! But that is impossible with the current J35s

It’s time to stop accepting the J35D and J35XS as our primary 10.3 fighters and instead provide us with any of the better in-service Saab J35s. Such as the following:

J35F-1 That was used with:

  • RB 27 (Passive radar seeker) & RB 28 (IR Seeker)


J35F-2 That was used with:

  • The J35F-2 variant had an IR-Tracker
  • RB 27 (Passive radar seeker) & RB 28 (IR Seeker)


J35J A modernised variant of the J35F-2


Diagram below show armament & positions of weapons of the J35J


Now the JA37C



Information About Flares on the JA37


For the JA37 aircraft, countermeasures against IR- and radar-seeking systems were procured to evade target tracking by hostile targeting systems and missile tracking.

In the case of IR, these countermeasures consisted of burning flares with varying temperatures to deceive IR-seeking weapons as much as possible.

In the case of radar, these countermeasures consisted of metal strips adapted in frequency to airborne radar systems, preferably on the X-band (10 GHz), to create false radar echoes and mislead radar-seeking weapons.

The system consisted of the following components:

  • Flare dispenser BOJ 401
  • Chaff dispenser BOL 451

Structure and Function

BOJ was a flare dispensing system, and BOL was a chaff dispensing system. Operation was conducted from the cockpit. Presentation to the pilot was both auditory and visual.

Two BOJ flare dispensers could be installed on the aircraft, each with its own power unit and electronics. One dispenser was hung under each wing in position 10 and 11 on rack H7 (H7V and H7H). The flares were arranged in two layers in the dispenser, with a maximum of 2 x 6 flares in each layer. Thus, one dispenser could hold up to 24 flares. One, two (or none) BOJ dispensers could be installed.

Two BOL chaff dispensers could be installed on the aircraft, one in each rack position 8 and 9 on rack R7 (R7V and R7H). The dispenser was installed in the rear part of a modified mount for the RB74 missile

In place of the Drop tank. A RB74 missile could also be hung simultaneously on the mount. Each dispenser had its own power unit and electronics. The chaff in the dispenser was in 10 bundles of 26 strips each. Thus, one dispenser could hold a total of 160 chaff bundles.

One, two (or none) BOL dispensers could be installed.

Backup deployment mode was initiated when communication between a dispenser and CD/ANP 37 ceased to function for more than 0.5 seconds. If deployment is initiated during this stage, a sequence of flares/chaff is released for each initiation. Automatic return to normal deployment occurs when communication is re-established with CD/ANP 37. If two dispensers are hung, backup deployment is performed only from the dispenser(s) that do not have functioning communication with CD/AMP 37.

Presentation and Operation

The BOJ/BOL systems were operated with different settings for flares, F1 – F5, and for chaff, R1 – R5, on a Control Panel P112. Deployment was initiated with a Deployment Button on the Throttle Lever.

Auditory information for the pilot was heard through their headphones as a triad (900/3100/1500Hz), indicating the end of a deployment program, and as a double triad when flares/chaff were depleted.

Visual information was provided to the pilot on the MI in the lower left corner. The presentation, selected programs, and remaining load were displayed when communication between CD and the BOJ/BOL system was established. If only the program selection is displayed, this indicates a malfunction either in the dispenser or in the communication with CD.

The BOJ information on the MI displays:

F2 = flare program 2

48 = number of remaining flares

The BOL information on the MI displays:

R2 = chaff program 2 selected

320 = number of remaining chaff bundles.

Drop tank, Check

Flares, Check!

Though cant find these ones:

Two BOL chaff dispensers could be installed on the aircraft, one in each rack position 8 and 9 on rack R7 (R7V and R7H). The dispenser was installed in the rear part of a modified mount for the RB74 missile
Yea, not in game, Neither is the RB74…

Hmm, RB 71. XJ 521 Sky Flash check!

Wait RB 27? Aim-9L That’s only on the JA37D!

Hmm there is one missile i cant find for some reason. oh right the RB 24 & RB 24J that is on the Plane currently In-game!




Hmm, RB 99 yea those are not being added untill the AMRAAMs are added.


RB 99-AMRAAM (Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile) är en avancerad radarsökande jaktrobot för medel- till långdistans med en räckvidd på cirka 75 kilometer. - THE SWEDISH ARMED FORCES

Kapsel U95, its an Electronic countermeasure. so cant be added until implemented



Its crazy that the Finnish J35 isn’t in the tech tree, while the Finnish MiG-21 is. And the Finnish J35 doesn’t even have the R-13M1 that it could carry. And in addition, I agree that the JA37C and D should receive more advanced armaments (AIM-9L and AIM-120 respectively), to give space to add the J35F and J35J in-between the J35D and JA37C. It feels so weird that the J35, the Swedish mainstay for most of the cold war, only has three variants in game, two of which are premium and only one is tech tree


Gaijoob hard denied the Falcons as they were inferior to any missiles they could implement in game. To keep the JA37Cs BR down, they refuse to put Rb74s on them. Don’t know why the J35XS doesn’t have R-13M1s though, you’d need to investigate yourself.


Yea, the J35 is the icon for Sweden’s Airforce. Even today The Draken is a symbol for Sweden’s air force! like come on, they added a MIG-21 Bis instead of Just adding another variant of the Draken Finland had in service! The fact they use the J35 to symbolise Sweden’s TT should mean that aircraft should be one of the main vehicles in the Swedish TT!! instead its in a tragic spot…

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I believe at least until the AMRAAM update they’ll keep the armament of the C the same as it is

currently the JA37D has the armament that the C should have just so it can be added without AMRAAM

imo it’d have been a better choice to have the J35Ö as the premium while zhe export Draken is TT but Gaijin chose otherwise

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Not sure why you want a 12.7 JA-37D when it’s OP at 11.3.
AIM-4 is worse than AIM-9Js.

There’s no reason to change the loadouts of JA-37s.

R-13M1 is inferior to AIM-9Js as well…
And you too are begging for JA-37D to be 12.7.

yes im begging for a Viggen with AMRAAM

Because I actually believe that the AMRAAM can increase it’s capabilities so massively that it’ll be worth it

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This is my thaught exactly.

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I doubt JA37D would go all the way up to 12.7 with AMRAAM.

There is, it’s called historical accuracy

They’re already historically accurate.
I want to play the JA-37D when its OP.
Sick of the act of begging for aircraft to be carried by their missiles.

Clearly you can’t have both in this situation lol

Me too, I love the JA37’s as they are right now - check my sim stats and you’ll see

I care for them having their actual IRL load outs, there’s no reason whatsoever why the 37C should not have 9L’s and the 37D upgrade was primarily because of RB99 integration.

37C will pretty much have 37D loadout but without BOL, and 37D will be an interesting early AMRAAM carrier at a lower BR than other Fox 3 carriers. All we’re really missing out on is a rear-aspect JA Viggen with the 37C.

37D was also because of BOL pods.
And an 11.3/11.7 JA-37C with only 48 flares doesn’t sound fun.

And 12.7 would be the lower BR for AARHs.

37C would not be 11.7 with 9L’s, that’s for sure. Even the 37D with BOL is at 11.3. 48 flares at this BR is fine.

Do we really know this? I feel like everyone is under the assumption that Gaijin is going to raise every AMRAAM carrier by a ton, they’ve already decompressed to 12.7, I’m willing to bet that they are not going to raise BR of them as much as people think. Just speculation but I think we’ll only see 13.0 with next update, and if they decide on giving some early capable jets their Fox 3’s I can see them being at 12.3, maybe lower if they only carry 2.

I swear until the there isn’t anything new to add to the Swedish Top tier. they wont add a single new Draken Variant since the hype around the newest is too great… its sad times.

If they dedicated a full update to just Pre & Post WW2/Cold war vehicles and decompressing Br´s bunch more. And adding SPAAs, unique vehicles. etc.
(Cue time be damned! Id rather wait for a good game the wait a shorter time for a random result.)

yea im not seeing an F4F ICE or an AV8B+ at 12.7

it’s an assumption at the moment, we’ll see in a few months if it’ll actually be like that

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R-13M1 and AIM-9J are approximately equivalent. 9J has slightly better performance but the R-13 can be radar-slaved

JA37D carried the Rb99 (AIM-120B), so it should get it, simply put. Matchmaking will have to get a serious shakeup/rebalance with the introduction of Fox-3’s across many airframes already in game + new ones.

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9Js can be radar slaved as well as having a wider boresight.
And no, JA-37D shouldn’t get RB99.
Find a 11.3 replacement.
There’s no reason to kill off the JA-37D for a missile that won’t actually help it.

Wasn’t the 9J’s radar slaving removed recently? Only the rear aspect 9P kept it

It had it, the entire point of the D-variant existing was implemented Fox-3 capability, therefore it should get it in game.

JA37C with Rb.74 it actually carried in place of the Rb.24J. And to replace that gap at 11.0: J35J, most advanced Draken variant

Wouldn’t kill it, it would just take part in the new group of current Rank 7 airframes with Fox-3’s. We’re gonna see it alongside the USMC AV-8B, Sea Harrier FA.2, F-4 ICE, J-8F with PL-12’s


And maybe the upgraded MiG-21 with R-77s, the F-5TH with Derby, etc.
The game needs a serious BR decompression to have more space to better position the vehicles.


Certainly, decompression is almost always the giant elephant in the room when discussing the introduction of new tech in the game, especially something as major as the fox-3s