Why haven't we seen any good light tanks for Britain?

Gaijin has said South Korea won’t be a Japan Sub-tree remember Deathmisser brought that info to us.

can cross line and on the way
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Something I thought up at one point was to split the Chinese tree into east and west China and add Korea as a sub tree in the respective China trees I.e the Chom’s would be together and the non-choms would be together.
East and north. West and south.

I don’t think the Scorpion and Saladin would be very good. They have a 76mm cannon but it only fires HESH, and well, 90mm HESH is bad enough.

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At the very least they’d be unique experiences, I’d be willing to suffer for them


Yes, I wouldn’t mind the Sonderwagen III (Saladin) for Germany

Sonderwagen III

But Gaijin probably knows it will just make people complain even more about HESH.


Fv107 scimitar my beloved

really want this even if it would be bad


Israeli IFVs namely the namer weighs 70 tons, and by warthunder standards all IFVs are light tank, hence the namer is a light tank that weighs 70 tons
I mean why not

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I’d be very curious to see how they class it. I can easily imagine them classing it as a tank destroyer too.

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We already have the Puma, which weighs more than the T-72


If it is a 30mm+SPIKE variant, a light tank will still suit them better i guess

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Not true

true the ajax whould be a save for the striker tech tree with swingfire and warrior the ajax would be a perfect fit for the tech tree tho more warriors i dunno about that one is enough the warrior in game is kinda bad no stabilization and bad pen and slow fire rate and unreliable gun

it would be like the difference between the M3 Bradley and the M3A3 Bradley

the two dosent seem like they got sucha major diffrence

it really isn’t a huge difference but at this point with Britain it needs anything it can get

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Go ahead, I’d like some names

The Desert Warrior has the same gun as the Bradley and is fully stabilised.

they could add quite a few warriors, like this one with a new turret with a stabilizer and 40mm(?) auto cannon

or this one

there’s also this one