Why haven't we seen any good light tanks for Britain?

From what I’ve seen Britain has a very extensive history with small light scout tanks, but in game there’s only a handful?

If gaijin are just not sure about the scout only vehicles why not add things like the AJAX or or one the many modernization attempts to the warrior?

At this point Britain is so starved of light vehicles even just something like a updated warrior that has the 25mm bushmaster, ERA and a tandem charge ATGM(which originally was going to be added to the normal warrior with the the MILAN 3) would work right?


The light vehicle issue in Britain is in part taken care of by the ZA sub-tree, but therein also lies the issue; ZA is preventing UK from receiving a light vehicles line in the first place. 5 lines is the current maximum for tech trees and ZA took the spot that should’ve been a British light line.
Because of this it has lead to strange placements of light vehicles into the second line of their tree, which initially starts off as a heavy tank line and eventually just turns into whatever the hell it is beyond the heavy tank era.


Thanks for helping solve some of my questions, but still past 9.0 there isn’t a single light tank

Desert Warrior could/should have gone after the Striker. Now we have the Ajax which would go after that.

Vehicles should be placed where they most make sense, but I don’t think GJN decides what vehicles they are adding based on whether there is room in the tree for them. They can always make room.

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Why haven’t they added the AJAXs btw, they added the puma and that’s further from being in service isn’t it?

It is indeed an issue and I too hope Gaijin adds more in the way of British light vehicles.

Sure, they could always folder things, but an additional line is off the table as things stand, hence why it isn’t recommended to make tree suggestions with more than five lines.

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This situation can suit every tech tree, gaijin has focus too much on top MBTs for a long time.

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Because the entire CVR(T) and CVR(W) family is missing except for the Striker.


The only problem with the 5 line only thing being the cause in regards to Britain specifically is past the Striker their light tank/missile carrier line is empty

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You don’t need to make any new lines for the two vehicles I just mentioned…

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But you realistically would in order to properly represent Britains light vehicles history.
ZA has been a huge waste for both UK and themselves and I’ve much rather been playing CVRT, Saladin and Warrior variants right now instead of Olifants.


You have that the wrong way around, the Puma is in service and AJAX has a library of issues.

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this is really true too, though I feel for most of them it’s because they don’t really have anything to add, but where’s the Chinese IFVs?

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Why so many Iconic British light tanks have just been ignored is a travesty. SA Tree was suppose to augment our tree, but instead, its just replaced native options or added alternatives where alternatives werent needed.

Scorpion, Saladin, Ajax. etc. Would all be really cool to have but nope.


You can always find something, name the tech tree and I can get you something.

The only ones that don’t have much left in them are Japan and the only ones that don’t necessarily ‘need’ more are Italy and Sweden.

US has plenty of Bradley variants left that could differ quite from one another.
Germany has some potential Marder variants, Marder 2, Boxer variants and PUMA with Spike missiles.
USSR has more left than I care to count.
UK I probably don’t need to mention for you.
Japan has their ICV and few IFV prototypes that would be relatively similar to SUB-1-2 in performance.
China has a plethora of vehicles that I also can’t bother counting.
Italy has enough already, but they have some Dardo/Freccia mods that could still be added while also having that new Iveco thing available. They also have an IFV variant of C-13 available.
France could use more VBCI variants.
Sweden obviously has their CV90s available and doesn’t necessarily ‘need’ more IFVs, but Finland can also provide localised AMV and BMP variants.
Israel is lacking the IFV variants of the Achzarit, Eitan and Namer. Carmel is also an option for them.

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I reckon they’ll get the next Sub-Nation


If they add the Israeli Heavy IFVs I might actually play them

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If passed to devs is anything to go off of then Thailand could be very possible, though they could also go to China.
Then again, passed to devs has never been a reliable way of looking at Gaijin’s plans for the future, so we’ll just have to sit and wait for that one :/.

Yep, South Korea is also a possiblity.

But yeah, anyway, there is always options to add more.