Why hasn't PLZ83 received an equal shell until now?

As the title suggests, PLZ83 join game for half a year now. But it can still only use a 5.8kg HE shell.

Both the 2S3M of the same type as it and the M109 series, which were added to the game at the same time, have better shells.

And their BR is exactly the same, both are 6.3

PLZ83 is not without better shells. Not long after it joined the game, players have released many ISSUES. These suggestions have all been approved.

But until now, PLZ83 still cannot obtain them.

Not long ago, gaijin modified the weight of PLZ83. This is also a report provided by the player. But they still refuse to provide an equivalent casing for PLZ83. Even if some of the work is just copying and pasting

This phenomenon not only occurs on PLZ83. Until now, China’s drones can only use the AKD9 with a range of only 6KM. There are more examples in the game.

I am curious about what the developers responsible for balancing are doing every day. Are they sleepwalking?


There is also this issue. I can say that the strength of the three top Chinese tanks in the game is only 11.0, and they are not even as strong as the M1A1AIM

Add DTC-10E/S (APFSDS) to Chinese 11.7 vehicles - Game Discussion / General Discussion - War Thunder — official forum


The plz83 is almost unplayable

I agree ,It is extremely ironic that plz83 and 2s3m are in the same rank.

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Didn’t the PLZ83 go to 6.0???

Anyways, the fact that this thing came several years after the 2S3M was added is a disgrace in-and-of itself, let alone not giving it any of the shells that the 2S3M uses DESPITE BEING A COPY, at the same BR.

The developers are extremely biased and only love Russia, and Sweden recently, which somewhat took Germany’s place as a favorite.

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nah, ingame rn its 6.3 still

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It has been staying at 6.3

The PLZ83 uses the same weapon system as the 2S3M, but it has not obtained anything except for a 5.8kgHE shell. it’s simply ridiculous.
I can say that you will never encounter someone driving such a terrible vehicle

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Allow me to introduce myself, I’m Culusion and the PLZ83 isn’t as bad as you might think.

Sure, it doesn’t have the 10KG shell the Acacia has but it doesn’t stop it from achieving the same feats as it. If it gets a better HE shell and a APHE shell than that will be fantastic news. But right now the vehicle is capable if played correctly.

Regarding additions for vehicles, sometimes it can take a long time to verify if a vehicle actually used the same ammunition. This is why the community has open access to bug report things like this so that way if Gaijin has missed something integral to a vehicle. The community can then go to work getting material together to prove that a vehicle had “x” ammo or “y” setup. These things take time.

These ISSUES have been through for several months, and PLZ83 has not even received a BR-540B.

This just needs to be copied and pasted, right? No modifications are required at all. Just copy it and it can completely change the competitiveness of this car. A matter of a few minutes.

But gaijin did not do so. They even had time recently to modify the weight for PLZ83.

But there was no additional shell added.

If it’s not intentional, I don’t think anyone will believe it


i also did quite well with it, and like all other spgs it is not a terrible vehicle

Naha, this can only prove that your skills are extraordinary.
Compared to other similar SPGs, it is very poor.
This is a fact
When everyone else is using 9kgHE, you can only use 5.8kgHE.
Are you planning to use this thing to deal with the Tiger King?


There are dozens of minor issues that still aren’t fixed, for example just from a thread here a FLIR pod for the F-16 should have higher res thermals and it’s also been months. Sounds like easy fix right? Just increase resolution.

Gaijin takes their time to fix things, and they have stuff they consider higher priority. But even “copy and pasting” takes time to do, it’s not literally copy and pasting code.

The PLZ is fine, having bigger explosive shells would be great, but it works fine even with the smaller shell. Smoke and APHE though aren’t very useful so I don’t know why people care so much about those two.

I mean, just because they have a shell that makes killing the King Tiger easier doesn’t mean I can’t produce the same results with almost half the explosive mass.

it isnt that big of a deal, saure it would be better if it had more, but it is more than enough to do well at this br

Because people can have more choices. This will be more interesting.
If gaijin had added the same 10kg HE shell as the 2S3 to the PLZ83 from the beginning, then no one would have complained

Well, BT5 can also take out strv122, right? or we can say Leclerc

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Choices that people won’t use? The only thing I can actually see is that it being useful for is making researching modules easier as you will be able to get the useful modifications for cheaper as there’s 2 extra ammo mods.

Cap, people here will complain about literally everything. If not shells, it would’ve been armour, gun handling, speed, etc.

Oh, don’t be obtuse man, it takes out vehicles in the exact same way a 2S3M would, just slightly less reliable.

A cheeky thing in the stat card you may not notice is the “Explosive Type.” The Russian shell uses
A-IX-2, a special home brew that’s is extremely potent. While the Chinese shell uses a extremely common explosive, TNT, which is way less volitile than A-IX-2. As for your “Drone uses a shitty missile” issue, it’s simply a historical missile to that drone, that is “balanced” with other drones, also, hate to be that guy; but it’s not a drone, it’s a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle), but a drone is a type of UAV.

I’d pay a bit closer attention to little details as such, because the Russian HE is so much better than NATO HE because of the explosive type.

Also, if I am correct, that gun has a lower reload than the other examples?

Yes, but the quality of explosives is more important
A 9kg TNT equivalent HE can destroy tanks by shooting turrets and tracks.
However , the HE equivalent of 5kg TNT cannot achieve this goal. Sometimes, even shooting a commander’s tower cannot destroy a tank

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Because 9Kg > 5Kg not only that, but very very close to double to that of 5kg, which is fairly small.

This is like comparing a Conventional bomb to a High yield bomb, or even a 500kg bomb to a 1000k.

This atrocity of a tank is at a BR where the tanks have thickly armored roofs, with Tiger II’s and early American Heavies 155mm shots struggle to kill.

I will play into the fact that the over-pressure system is extremely busted.