Why german cannon-planes (30/37/50mm) so bad?

Why the hell they are so bad now? I not only dont penetrate anybody in a roof but if penetrate dont do any damage!

30 and 37mm were nerfed by about 35% of their pen about 1.5 years ago because funny formular. The 50mm had a nerf to its accuracy and the AP-T has a fuze delay of 1.2m so in short you have a higher chance to overpen with the 50mm if you come from above.

damn. That sucks. I remember them as really good vehicles but after return they re LITERALLY unplayable.

Fine by me, they used to be absolutely ridiculous.

Then you´d certainly agree that .50s also need to be toned down in accuracy, pen, fire chance and their HE-modifier? Oh and dont forget all the other cannons that got a massive buff in the same update only german cannons got nerfed…


Because 30/37MM guns shell becomes APCR

As if German cannons haven’t practically always been the best in the game tier for tier and only now are slightly waning while allied cannons more often than not had much more spark and overall unreliability issues.

God forbid that allied aircraft get some actual firepower for once while Germans get pulled down to a more equal level.

Not like you have ever played more than five german planes in any mode and even in the most undertiered US planes you barely manage to have a 1.0 K/D. So do yourself a favour and practice a bit more.

Just fyi german cannons have always had the slowest mv, were even nerfed down to belt composition and explosives in the mineshells, were/are also extremely prone to sparking and most of all have a lower firechance than .50s which isnt even realistically possible due to the amount of thermite in mineshells. Not to mention german cannons have twice as much drag as all other cannons.

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That’s what happens when you have an ancient account and then not touch said planes with such KD for years.
Not like KD matters much to the conversation anyways, it just makes you look like you’re projecting.

Tell me something I didn’t know?
I’m just voicing that I absolutely don’t mind that German cannon CAS isn’t as effective as it used to be, since CAS is and has been ridiculous for basically forever.

I mean, this isn’t a valid defense for making german cannons (which by the way, SHOULD be better than allied cannons if you go by the ammo used) the worst guns in the game. The reason some of the german planes are the BR they are is because those guns were cracked. Without those cracked guns, a lot of german props are simply not that great rn to play. You can’t act like USA/UK/etc suffered when MG151s and the like were good.

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This is in reference to the 30mm+ cannons that were unreasonable to fight against in ground battles.

I didn’t intend to have a proper argument here in all honesty, it just makes me laugh at how German mains are taking the nerfs while allied aircraft had to deal with such waning performance on a much, much more frequent basis.

What allied aircraft?

20mm Hispano, B-20, pretty much all Hispano Suiza and Japanese cannons.

Sure, different caliber from the aforementioned German ones, but they have practically always had much more problems than German cannons.
Sure, Germans have their crazy mine shells, but I see little reason why any of these should give 7 consecutive hits or smn before maybe doing something.

Ok but again, german aircraft had downsides and upsides to make up for their great firepower the same way the planes carrying the hispano, b-20, etc had their own upsides and downsides. Now there is a lack of balance regarding these planes. German guns which SHOULD be the best are now the worst guns in the game and vice versa.