Why gaijin tryint o make Ground battle into a trash COD clone with bad maps?

For years now they are pushing the rubbish city maps totally unrealistic and unsuited for tanks.
Now they are making every map smaller trying to force the gameplay to become one furball in a small area. It’s completely dumb.


It’s the players crying because there isn’t enough action. That’s who they are listening to.


Two possible reasons. Gaijin listens to player feedback and the majority ask for smaller maps. Gaijin wants maps which lower skilled players will perform better on since they can’t be sniped / easily flanked.

But doing so is completely ruining the game

It’s time to play other things, and wait for them to do something good in the game, and improve these maps, soon they will have to unban many old accounts because many players are leaving

maps indeed is getting worse and worse. Gameplay now days is more like “Spawn a heavy tank, hold W and shoot first” on many maps. Pretty much no brain required.

At some instances on maps like middle east for example even on Poland on single cap scenario people doesn’t event try to flank any more.

Ruining the game for people who enjoy playing War Thunder but that’s not Gaijin’s target userbase, premium buyers are. This past update shows exactly where their priorities are. Sell high rank premiums for $70 because people will buy it.


The consumer is willing.

How did you know that these consumers said the map was too big? Only you think

I don’t think someone who is new to the game will have the experience necessary to provide an informed opinion on whether a smaller map or a bigger map is “good”.

The new map I think is actually quite nice even though it’s “small”. That’s mainly due to its design being very restrictive for CAS while allowing lots of flanking routes. That’s just the higher tier version though the low tier version is a straight line encouraging TDM.

who? XD

Side wings, less than 500M for high-level vehicles? Sorry, maybe you don’t have any light vehicle driver’s license

Gaijin refuses to add the EBRC.

The map does not favor tank destroyers or light vehicles. Flanders does though so I’ll take what I get.

What are you talking about? War Thunder’s smallest map was released 9 years ago.
On top of that, tanks have a maximum engagement range only, no minimum engagement range.

Cities of various sizes are just as realistic as 3km engagements.
And we got a medium sized map this major update.

Can you realize that for MBT, which can easily increase its speed to 60km/h, this is still a very small map? The enlarged version of Eastern Europe is the truly meaningful map, providing all tactical choices. A tiny tank COD map is only suitable for slow WW2 vehicles

You’re trying to argue with me as if I don’t want larger maps and don’t recognize the size of War Thunder’s maps are wholly unfit for modern warfare.

okay, it seems there is no disagreement between us

Wondering when they will start listening and give us the Tank Only Mode bro.

Recently I start no-death leaving sun city and Sweden, these are also the maps where I could actually hide myself from CAS lol

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Flanders is a medium sized map.
COD map for tanks would be <1km by 1km, which doesn’t exist in War Thunder.
As COD maps are <200x200 meters.