Why gaijin still doesn't let players from other continents enter the Asian server?

It doesn’t make sense, if players don’t want to join the server, they can just don’t choose the Asian server, for some reason, if I want to play the naval battle on the morning, it is better to choose Asian server so that I don’t need to wait too long, but now gaijin just ban it. I can’t understand why they do that, and Gaijin never explains the reason, just due to the IP and not allowing you to choose the server.

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probably because they troll in there and mock the ccp and they dont want to deal with all the political fallout. There is so much anger toward good people even on the NA server that may have 1 to 3 people in there. People are truly horrible when they think they can not be held responsible for their hateful actions toward another group of people.


Much more likely that they did it for server balancing and latency issues. From the Asia Pacific region, its pretty much a 'round the world, round trip to most other gaming markets. IIRC if you have “auto” selected, you will get SA servers if the wait is long enough or you are in Oz. It just won’t say “SA”.

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Dont worry, its just as annoying for us in SA. I have two options for mm.
1: have only SA
2: have the others selected but not SA