Why gaijin not add indonesian tech tree?

Day 1 asking gaijin to add indonesian tech tree

why doesn’t gaijin add an Indonesian technology tree even though Indonesia can make a technology tree? starting from ground to naval

As a war thunder player from Indonesia, I’m very disappointed :-(

why doesn’t gaijin add an Indonesian technology tree even though Indonesia can make a technology tree?

maybe cuz it can’t

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Many countries have 0 representation. Canada and Australia are probably 2 that need to be added first or at least be well represented on the British Tree. And we could probably also due a Polish or eastern europe tree too. Probably also time for a South American tree as well

Indonesia could come as a part of a pan-asia tree, prehaps including Taiwan and South Korea and a few other Asisan countries. That could be interesting, but I dont think Indonesia would have enough solo at this time, again, especially with the trees we’ve got in such a poor state and other nations probably needing to be higher on the list

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How many unique vehicles they have? And by unique I mean unique, not domestic engine in T-72…

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This is a list of Indonesian land vehicles/tanks :

  • Indonesian tiger tank,its a medium tank
  • kobra 8x8 panser ,its a ifv
    -leopard 2 RI,leopard but with Indonesian modifications
    -amx 13 105 mm,ita amx 13 with indonesian modification
    -pt 76,its same like ussr pt 76 no different
    -panser anoa,its a ifv
    -badak 6x6, its light tank

yeah thats not enough for a tech tree, and i am gonna go ahead and say, if you make a thread everyday about this, you will get banned for spam from this forum


that’s pretty low count even for being a single branch folded into some already existing tech tree

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Sounds interesting … Noooo, I’m kidding ! ^^

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bro, that’s just a few that I mentioned, there are many more actually, but if I explain them here it will take a long time, you can look for them on YouTube lycma-miltech

How about, make your research on all those vehicles and their details. Create a mock up of the tech tree and create a post under suggestions. Like everybody else.


And then wait many years…

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THIS^^ is the issue…if you fill a tree with vehicles with “modifications”, many countries in the world would have a “tree”…
Trees are usually for countries with a REASONABLE number of unique designs or considerably upgraded vehicles…
Vehicles with “some” modifications are added to “related” trees.

For instance…Portugal does not have a tree and i doubt it should have one. It has a number of “modified” vehicles, and i am guessing going back further than Indonesia as it had an army and air force during WW2. But not to make a “valid” tree. It does have a vehicle (Fiat G91) in the italian tree…
Personally i would like to play with Portuguese vehicles…but i dont think the game would be better if we had 10+ different copies of the same tank in many national trees…some like leopard, M60, T55 were exported to many countries…game would be a mess if all were in different trees…

And bear in mind that trees starting in modern times (without WW2 part) are not very easy to use…


Maybe Not indonesian tech tree, but ASEAN tech tree.



Yeah that would be some what better.Still there would be many vehicles in ASEAN TT that deserves to go in other tech trees.

Why not make the Indonesian tanks like the Tiger Tank (Indonesian) and the Badak premiums ? Those tanks are not in the game and will be a good addition.

For the same reasons they haven’t added a Somalian tech tree…

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I mean there are some vehicles that might be a viable addition to the game, a lot are copy-paste for sure, but there’s some interesting domestic developments (like the previously mentioned Badak and Anoa) Leo 2RI could definitely be added if they decide to add that Pan-Asia tree. Harimau/Kaplan MT could potentially be added as an event/squadron vehicle to an existing nation in the meantime, it’s got the same turret and main gun as the CT-CV.

I’m an Indonesian myself and would definitely appreciate such additions, though I also acknowledge that there’s not much actual content to be added that’s not copy-paste. There’s simply not enough unique vehicles to justify a whole tech tree.