Why even have iron fist modeled

It doesn’t even activate on sabot within its parameters M829A2 is only 1680m/s at it maximum velocity and at that range its probably less than 1600m/s the only reason this thing is 11.7 is the APS and it doesn’t even work on anything besides ATGMs

Truly makes no sense

What are these expectations of iron fist. Its designed to protect against slower projectiles not APFSDS !
RPGs Rockets, Missiles that type of stuff not a rod traveling at mach 1 !

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Iron fist is designed to degrade sabot its been successfully tested and has stopped sabot shells in trials irl even ingame its listed as being able to stop sabot yet its unable to

ok, I don’t have extensive knowledge so ima just go back to my hole now.

Its probably broken again. It had periods where it was intercepting darts, and periods where it did not.
Or shells went over radar scope, that i doubt but is possible.

Yes. No APS in the world defeats APFSDS.
The most advanced APS so far only reduced APFSDS penetration.

No mention of being made to stop APFDS

Iron fist has up to 1700m/s target detection. It is able to shoot at the dart to weaken it. In game it sometimes work sometimes not

Weaken yes
Stop No


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