Why ERA armor is so badly coded in WT?

ERA armor in WT stands as pure armor against anything including APFSDS shells, which is totally nonsense. Obviously the only tanks with 500000 ERA pads are russian ones.
But you don’t need official documents or anything else to understand that ERA armor do not stop Leclerc/Abrams/Leopard shells lmao, especially if we pick the true ammo of the Leclerc for example, which has a uranium bar inside that allow the shell to go through anything.

Russian MBTs are extremely late compared to the Occidental MBTs and their armor reputation is disastrous. How they could be so well armored in WT due to the ERA pads when IRL these same pads change absolutely nothing against last MBTs

I’m just inviting Gaijin devs to look closer about ERA pads IRL and how soviet tanks resist on the battlefield, they explode against any projectile, which make their over protection in game on ERA pads (more than 600mm) completely bullshit

I don’t have time to write a proper topic on this but if someone could provide evidences to make Gaijin happy idk, changes will probably never happen because this is currently the only russian MBT’s strengh in game but you need to understand that a T80BVM IRL is getting pooped on by every last Leopard/Leclerc/Abrams


The ERA armor on the russian tanks works great against missles, many times I survived 3 missles in the face on the turms, this armor is only good against old APFSDS rounds. The m1a2 ingame uses the M829 round that is a depleted uranium round and ERA armor is uselss against it even in real life, about the other tanks idk. The Relikt explosive reactive armor kit on the T80BVM is only good against non DU rounds.

BVM relikt is good vs DU round in WT. in WT

not only that but DM53 is missing its anti era tip

Abrams is missing its armor

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most western era is underperforming

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not even ERA, gaijin just has a shit Abrams model

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