Why don't tandem-charge warheads defeat russian ERA?

TOW-2A for example. Is there a concrete reason for this? Maybe some footage I don’t know about, something? It just seems kinda ridiculous that tandem-charge warheads dont defeat ERA, their one purpose lol.

They do. I’ve gotten killed many times by Wiesel frontally from the era parts in BVM


Examples or replays?

Might be just a gaijin moment. I’ve had BT-5 deflect APFSDS

Ah weird, hasnt worked for me tbh.

I’ve had glass do that too, but I just wanted to investigate so I can learn more about the interactions as well.

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It also doesn’t work in the test range against the T-90A


Interesting… I tried it out in test drive and the lower half of the UFP ERA stops it, but not thenupper half of the ERA on the UFP. Very weird…


Probably hit here, the game says 1022 mm of protection. Volumetric armor moment i guess

Go shoot a couple of regular 105 HEAT at the UFP of the test range T90…

yeah probably

Exactly what I saw.

I can assure that this isn’t exclusive to Kontact-5 ERA, I got those volumetric moments against some heavies too in lower BR, that’s why I rarely use IFV’s ATGM, in my opinion, they act strange compared to cannon-launched ones.