Why don't some tanks in the game have an autoloader model?

Why don’t some tanks in the game have an autoloader model?
Since there are no models, the autoloader system is not damaged in any way and these tanks can be loaded at will.


then, add the load speed limit for NATO loader when they are driving


Most manually loaded tanks are already modeled with slower reloads than stated in sources because it’s already meant to take into account how the tank could be moving around, turret rotating, and for balancing reasons of course (example: Shermans, both 75 and 76 mm versions, are stated to have a maximum main gun RPM of 20, or a 3 second reload. Abrams tanks have been noted to reload at similar speeds).

If such a limit were to happen, it is only fair that those same tanks would have faster reloads than they do now if they aren’t moving.


I’m concerned that modelling the autoloader would result in a lot of tedium that I think people aren’t considering.

When you lose your loader in a manually loaded tank, after the somewhat recent changes, loading continues at a slightly slower rate. At times, you don’t even lose any progress on loading a shell. At max, you will have to wait for double the base reload rate, but you’re still combat capable the entire time.

If an autoloader gets damaged, what happens? Most likely, loading ceases and will be considered disabled until you sit through a repair cycle. That’s ~30 seconds of sitting in cover twiddling your thumbs, hoping you aren’t being pushed, just to be able to fire your gun again. That’s equivalent to massively increasing the size of the breach of these tanks.

This nerf would hit a few tanks that the community seems to agree need nerfing, like the modern Russian MBTs. But it also hits several that really don’t need nerfing. Who’s out there begging for the AMX-13 family to be made substantially more tedious to play? Or the Chi-Ri?

To my knowledge, there are some tanks that can be manually loaded when the autoloader is jammed, but there are also some that can’t. And there are some that I don’t know that anyone knows (Experimental ones like the 292/279/IS-7/STA-3/etc). At best, Gaijin just defaults to a longer manual reload for all autoloaded tanks, historical accuracy be damned, but I don’t nessesarily trust them to make the right call here.


Same thing: slower reload until repaired.

Autoloader guns can be loaded manually too, it just takes longer.

So… the same way manual reloads take longer when the gunner is wounded or killed, autoloaders would take loader if it’s destroyed.


Really not necessary. It’s basicly in the gun breach damage model. When breach is destroyed you can’t reload.

You have said so much, proving that there is no automatic loader model in the game, which is a form of protection, not tedium .

If the loader module of an auto-loading tank is damaged, it’s only fair that this tank takes longer to load, just like those manual loading tanks with dead loaders.


So why Otomatic has its autoloader modeled as part of the breach already in the game?

What difference does it make?

It makes a MASSIVE difference as the 76mm gun breech is small and not a massive block that takes 1/3 of the turret

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as i know that many of NATO tanks’ operation manual ask that loader stop reload when tanks are driving over xx km/h

Cause nothing would happen.
If you damage an autoloader you ammo-racked the tank since you need to go through the ammo to harm the auto-loader.

So there’s no reason to model it.
Best to spend money on things that’ll actually impact gameplay.

That’s crazy! I want that reload on my Shermans! XD

Having a module for the autoloader in most people’s mind would nerf the T-XX, but they completely fail to take into account that modules eat spalling, so in essence the T-XXs would be significantly buffed by that idea.

That missing autoloader is already modeled as invisible 6mm aluminum strips that eat spall, nothing changes


Wouldn’t hurt or break any balance with autoloader being model and function as a module that can be destroy just like human loader.

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GAJIN is coming out with a lot of new modules, except for the autoloader, which is ridiculous.


would be sad if russians get the same treatment as tanks with a loader
Aka 10 sec + reload lol

Otomati has it autoloader modeled in game…it is just wrongly done and made into massive gun breach

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