Why don't some tanks in the game have an autoloader model?

i think some french one have it as well but im not sure

France have it “modeled” but it doesnt have any hit boxes. So technically they have it, but they dont have it as part of the breach and something that can get hit. Only the ammo in it.

That’s not the autoloader mechanism.
That’s just a bug-reportable too large of breech if you get internal images of the OTOMATIC’s turret.

The breach itself is surronded by 2 autoloaders. And Gaijin just thinks that it is a breach…and dont care about fixing it becuase this is like that since it was added. Like always Gaijin dont give a shit about Italian TT bug reports

There are no bug reports involving the OTOMATIC’s breech.
And you require evidence so they can more accurately correct it.

I’ve said this before, the autoloader should be a damageable module but NOT completely destructible to the point of not being able to reload. Damaging it should just increase the reloading time, like it is when your manual loader is injured. I think this will balance out a lot of issues with autoloaders being completely unfazed and having a massive advantage over manually loaded tanks.

If loaders can be injured and knocked out, then autoloader mechanisms should too.

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not really, if the breech damaged it halted the reload