Why doesn't the UK tech tree get a light tank line?

I have noticed that the UKs supposed light tank line is a merge of the Tank Destroyers and Light Tanks lines. I know this may be due to the South African tech tree line taking up the 5/5 spot but come on gaijin. Don’t take away the light tank line from the UK because of South Africa! And on a side note, when will we see the South African tech tree?

Unfortunately Gaijin stated they don’t have plans to move ZA out of the tree, so we’ll be stuck without a light vehicles line probably forever.

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Essentially: Fuck Britain.

They’ll deny it, but history tends to point to that being the case. Same with France and Italy (Except Italy only gets light tank lines).


A small, smol part of why I am learning how to make 3d models is because 1 day if I get good enough, maybe I can make the models for British light vehicles so gaijin finally adds them xD

For now, I will make my doughnuts of variable types.

Though on a serious note, it just isnt something they got around to doing, though it is kind of sadge how they put so much effort into “another challenger tank” when vital lights are kind of needed/wanted. Hopefully soon, 1 day.

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