Why doesn't the M1A1 HC have M829A2

Why doesn’t the US M1A1 HC have M829A2 even though it’s 11.3? The US at the top tier is already struggling with the lack of a spall liner or M829A3 and with the T-90M only being 11.7 along with almost every game being 11.7, giving the HC M829A2 would make it more competitive against tanks at 11.3-7.


M829A2 would make it 11.7 since we are talking it can pen 629 mm of armor now imagine fighting M829 A2 at 10.3, yeah no


lmao, there are many 11.7 tanks that are even worse than 11.3 tanks.


brother m829a2 is the best round in the game what lmao


There’s very little difference between M829A1 and M829A2, giving the M1A1HC M829A2 would practically turn it into a M1A2 and I could see that resulting in a up-tier to 11.7.

The T-90M isn’t the main concern for M1’s, it’s the Leopard 2A7V and Strv 122 series of vehicles.

Gaijin has also stated M829A3 wouldn’t offer much improvement over M829A2.

DM53 and 152mm APFSDS are better.


of course the 152 is better but dm53 is not m829a2 has significantly better spall


Please provide evidence.


Because it doesn’t need it

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M829A2 has better spalling for numerous factors

  1. DM53 uses the old code to calculate spall and gaijin hasnt fixed that wich causes at times to not register the spall

  2. they have only 100 grams of difference in terms of weight but M829A2 has a DU multiplier in the files

  3. M829A2 has more density than DM53 meaning it packs more of a punch than DM53

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Type 10 has an artificial multiplier to simulate how it works similarly to DU in real life, weighting almost the same as OFL-F1 but with much better multiplier The difference is huge, and it’s a good way of looking at it

  1. Giving the M1A1 HC the M829A2 will give it an advantage and most game are 11.7 anyway it wound just make it better for an already struggling tank.

  2. M1A1 HC getting M829A2 that would give it better capabilities for kill the 2A7V and Strv 122.

  3. M829A3 would give all M1A2s a anti-ERA shell which would make it best for fighting Russia. Gaijin says that since all Russian tanks use ERA for armor.

DM53 has lower pen out of the same length of barrel. M829A2 remains the best MBT round.

M1A1 HC isn’t struggling, and it’d be 11.7 with M829A2.
M829A1 is all that’s necessary for the M1A1 HC; it’s equivalent to many other top tank rounds as well.


Okay, but I still don’t see any proof here.

I’m very skeptical about any real differences, so I’d like to see actual data on how these shells are coded, or an apples to apples comparison on these two shells striking the exact same vehicle/spot and dealing significantly different levels of damage.

You can use that logic to justify buffs to literally any 11.0 - 11.3 tank.
It simply doesn’t work that way.

The M1A1 HC isn’t meant to be a counterpart to the 2A7V or Strv 122 in the same way a T-72B3 isn’t either, please don’t pretend that it is.

If you want to play a M1 Abrams with M829A2, there’s plenty of other options already available to you.

Gaijin has already said that it doesn’t.

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I’ve had M829A1 get stopped by T-90A(10.7) and T-80B(10.3) and with war thunder being fast pace having your shell get stopped by tank a full BR lower then you is insane.

And you think Gaijin has researched it and even if it doesn’t it would still increases penetration for all M1A2 versions.

What is the issue with that?
Armour is practically the only upside the T-90A has, and it’s armour should be capable of defeating M829A1.

If you fail to penetrate a T-80B with M829A1, well then I’m afraid that’s really down to user error.
Even basic M829 can penetrate a T-80B practically anywhere, let alone M829A1.

And the M18 Hellcat at 5.7 has twice the acceleration of a T-90A.
Different tanks have different pros and cons, just because the T-90A has decent armour doesn’t mean it’s ‘‘insane’’.


When i shot the T-80B we where on level ground and not angled and my shell stopped and his killed me. Also the T-90A has 3BM60 at 10.7 with Contact-5 ERA it’s .4 above the M1 that has M774. And Your comparing a light tank with steel plates as armor it’s not a surprise that 46 ton tank has worse acceleration then a 17 ton box tank can be killed with a 12.7.

unable to use M829 to kill T80B is skill issue


I shot the T-80B center mass and still it stopped and Russian tanks almost never spall even when hit in weak points causing no damage. I have not wasted the 2,100 hours of my life and don’t know how to kill a T-80B or any other Russian tank.

this guy is shooting center mass at high brs lol

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