Why doesnt the first M1 Abrams have M833

So why doesnt the M1 have M833?

Is it because it would be too op?
Idk but seriusly why is it stuck with M774 when other tanks get way better shells at the br


Do you want it to go up to 10.7 and get smashed by 11.7 games constantly? Because i dont. 774 is fine for 10.3, and every other attribute of the vehicle is stellar


its important to remember that the M1 has a fast reload. in terms of pen it depends on what you compare it with, if you compare it with dm23 its really not that big of a difference. if we compare it with L26 and bm42 yea those are higher pen shells. but you will still pen all weakspots with 774, with a sweet reload to back it up. i dont mind the postpen damage of 774 but i understand not everyone shares the same experience.

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M833 really should be available from at least the M60A3 TTS on, if not the RISE P, but getting Gaijin to adjust US ammo issues takes a forum meltdown. The only time I’ve actually seen it work was when Gaijin added DM53 but not M829A2. Major forum backlash caused them to reconsider.


So this slight increase would be enough for a 10.7 battle rating

Where minded the T-90A somehow still sits


If I remember correctly, the M774 is over performing. I believe Gaijin buffed it as a way to not implement M833.


M774 actually overperforms in the game
Should be 345mm long DU rod

353mm @ 0m after fix

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Why would it go up when it’s not even better than dm33? Which is standard for most nations past 9.0???


Because every other feature of the vehicle is amazing, im surprised its still 10.3, i would rate the premium players playing the KVT are keepign the stats down, and they cant move the TT one to a higher br than the prem one is when they are exactly the same. improving the dart by even a little bit makes the vehicle even better than it already was


m833 definetly would not warrant a br increase.


Leopard 2A4 is way better than M1 Abrams. Still it sits at the same BR.


we should remove 3bm42 from all t series tanks and only give them 3bm22 all dm 43 from german tanks and give them only DM23

people like you are out of your minds.

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it isnt over performing, its actually near its correct penetration

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It has tradeoffs, worse reload and slightly worse mobility but better armour. I really like tanks with fast reloads, so i do prefer the Abrams, but its more personal opinon, but i’d say both need to go up in br really.

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I remember the last time people claimed M833 would cause a BR increase.

What wound up happening was it got issued to the IPM1, the IPM1 got a BR increase at the same time, then apparently did so poorly at it’s BR that instead of decreasing it’s BR Gaijin slapped on M900 like 3-6 months later. Then another 3-6 months later wound up increasing its BR to the M1A1 lmao.

On top of that the M1A1 wound up getting M829A1… because reasons?

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Yeah right M1 Abrams with a garbage APFSDS that cant even pen 400+mm at 0 degrees should go to a higher BR XD


ridicolous it doesnt get m833

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True. People think M833 would turn it into a OP beast. But people dont realise M833 cant even pen 400mm+ armor at 0 degrees. At this point M833 is necessary for M1, it wont affect its BR.