Why doesn't the F-100D French have Aim-9E missiles?

When looking at China - US- and French why would a copy paste plane not have the loadouts.
Can we get the 9E missiles on the French F-100D please?

France never bought any others Sidewinders but B model. That’s all of it.

And yet the F-4F somehow has the AIM-9J, I doubt that they specifically removed said capability So it should theoretically be an option due to said precedent.


The tech tree F-4F PR should actually get the Aim-9L instead of the J.

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And the F-4E should have the AIM-9M / AIM-7F, your point?

My point is that Gaijin takes lots of liberties with the loadouts they offer for each vehicle.


yeah but at least the F-4E ect actually got to use AiM-9Js unlike this with 9Es

We are very, very, very far from this mattering. The jet should get 9Es.

give it magics lmao

sure have fun with your 10.0 F-100

Honestly I would play that. Great guns, great missiles, easy flying plane, might even fly better than mirage 3 lmao.