Why doesn't the Cromwell V get APHE

The british OQF Mk.V 75mm[/u] gun has the same ammunition as the American 75 mm gun (M3 75 mm on the M4 Sherman). Why does the M61 hasn’t explosive filler on the Britisch guns although it fires the same ammunition. This makes the british tanks in this br unplayable and if they don’t get the explosive filler they should at lest get lowered by br. I want to play other nations too and it makes me tired. I have at least 3000h in war thunder and i am thinking of quiting because everyboby is playing the same tanks. The T-34, M4, Pz4 are in the same br as the cromwell V, what does make the cromwell competetive. Sure i could play the t-34, leave the game with 10kills while not using my brain. If i want to do the same in a cromwell 1 or 5 i have to play like a world champ and still get a one shot because of APHE. Wonder why some tanks never get played? That is why. Gaijin should balance the APHE meta.

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Because GB did not use the 75mm APHE becayse in real life APHE was crap. WT is not real life.

Also it would raise its BR since it would perform better, altering what lineups face and equalising whatever improvement cheat-aphe gives, like all the cope nations.


Unfortunately, in real life the british removed the explosive filler and filled it with concrete as they found it was a much more reliable round that way.

Unfortunately, APHE is modelled very wrong in this game with its sphere of death allowing people to shoot a tank anywhere and knock out the entire crew. Even if we gave APHE twice the diameter cone of solid shot spalling, it wouldn’t be able to do its crazy kills like it is.

Some people have said “but we need circle of death because the weakspots in armour tend to be where there’s nothing critical for the cone to hit.”

I wonder why that is…


Actually, Britain did use the shell initially with filler, then saw how it was crap, then took the extra effort to remove filler from rounds they received via Lend-Lease and instead filled the cavity with cement.

It was bug reported and passed ages back (2017 I think) on the old forum. There is no sane nor justifiable reason not to allow this gun to have access to this shell.

It would make British low-midtier far more approachable to average players, which now with their fleshed-out tree would make them suddenly become about as popular as the Big Three.

It would encourage sales of premiums using that gun (Cromwell RP-3, Excelsior, Churchill Crocodile), and encourage adding more machines with said gun, some of which could also be premium or event.

Quite literally everyone benefits.

I would also stretch things slightly further and give every 6-pounder similar access to M86, because the US 57mm literally IS a license-built British 6-pdr. US airborne divisions equipped with the 57mm M1 made use of British 6-pounder APDS during Bulge, implying there is full cross-compatibility between ammo stocks on the gun types in question.

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The only guns which arguably could “need” such a sphere of death are slow-reloading derp cannons like the Russian 122 or larger. But we already have overpressure to cover those situations.