Why doesn't ka-mi have floats

is there any reason why ka-mi doesn’t have floats although ka-chi does? In addition, he can swim without them, which is impossible and strange in his case.
I think adding them is not difficult, the creators are just lazy. I’m counting on your opinion on this matter


There are two main ways to make a tank amphibious. One is to attach floats to a standard tank, and the other is to make the armor thin and the hull large. The Type 2 Ka-Mi was a light tank with a large hull and detachable floats. This gave it reserve buoyancy and seaworthiness, allowing it to launch from submarines offshore and travel long distances over rough seas to surprise-land on enemy islands.

Ka-Mi does not need pontoons unless they are sailing long distances in rough seas. There is information that a variation of the Ka-Mi with the pontoon attachment part omitted was produced for training purposes. As an example, this is a photo of what appears to be an early prototype with a metal lid attached to the pontoon attachment section.


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. History Compilation Office (Ed.). History of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. 1954. p. 441.

As a policy of Gaijin, tanks that require additional parts to obtain amphibious capability are not given amphibious capability. When Ka-Mi was introduced in War Thunder, there was a lack of historical sources on whether it could float without pontoons, so it was implemented without pontoons and for a while Ka-Mi drowned in water.

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ok, thank you for the rational and factual answer

but why did ka-chi get floats then?


There’s still hope that in the future they’ll give them to ka-mi too


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Where are the floats?!?! Ka-Chi is fun but when your in water with other Ka-Mi tanks they look so out of place since their floats are missing.

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It’s not needed to float. So they’re not modeled.

As far as I am aware neither does the Ka-Chi ingame.

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I float fine.

Because it was a gimmick to sell, I mean reward for a summer event.

Many tanks in game have an Amphibious ability, but aren’t given such. (With preparation)

The Strv 103:

The IKV 91:

All the Ka-based vehicles didn’t need the floats to float. However, the floats helped a lot when it came to traveling in more harsh water. They also didn’t have them when it was first introduced give or take cause Gaijin A forgot or B wasn’t sure how to add them.

You aren’t the first to ask this, given I been here since 2017(Not the forums but the game it self and discords). Others have asked the same question.

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it has floats that you have to unlock as a modification

Gaijin is just too lazy to model floats for the Ka-Mi. The Ka-Chi has them because it came after Ka-Mi, when it was clear that it didn’t need the pontoons to float, so they added them to the Ka-Chi as a gimmick.

Don’t take a Ka-Mi into rough water though. I have drowned a couple time trying to take one into the surf to get to the island on “Jungle”…

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The Ka-Mi doesn’t have floats. Unsure where you got this assumption.

The Ka-Chi got them because in most pictures it is depicted with it attached. It also helps in rough water. However, the Ka-Mi was depicted without them. At the time. It’s not a case of laziness do consider deadlines still exist. NOt justifying anything I had the same question when I first started off playing the game. Don’t know why it hasn’t been added sadly.

wrong tank maybe idk im a us main was thinking about the ka-chi prob or something

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