Why does USSR naval has less silver lions modifiers compared to USA

So I have been struggling with silver lions and decided to bite the bullet and grind naval. I finally reached 6.0 BR and was thinking of getting myself a premium naval ship since the summer sale is just near. Then I noticed that USSR i was grinding had less silver lion modifiers compared to USA ships.
Take a look at this, Poltava has %675 modifier while
USA Texas has %900.

Why is this a thing? Is it because USSR performs better compared to USA or something else? I’m really curious about this. If I noticed this before hand I would just grind USA instead of USSR. Looks like I’m gonna get myself a Moffet instead of USSR ship.

They are at different ranks.
one is rank 5 and one is rank 6.
that’s it. nothing else.


Not all BR levels always share the same rank.

rank 6 br 7.0 reward 675

rank 6 br 7.0 reward 900

Realistic or arcade numbers. look at the bottom of both pics. the gray text.


omg im giga stupid it changes the game mode when you switch nations. thank you


If you look very carefully at your stat card, you would notice the specific reason very quickly, is it’s at the top…

The USSR ship is Rank 5 while the US ship is Rank 6…

Other than that, it’s the mode your playing :P