Why does the Vickers MK11 have to be artificially nerfed like this?

The Mk11s ONLY plus is that it has a tall silhouette that lets it get hulldown in places you wouldn’t expect.

And of COURSE yall had to screw that up by shoving Ammunition into a NONEXISTENT Ammo rack in the turret bustle.

The VFM-5 has the same turret, and it doesn’t have the bustle rack.

I mean CMON yall, standard British ammunition layout is to have all ammunition At or BELLOW the turret ring, so that ANY vehicle can operate as intended in a hull down position, without suffering a catastrophic ammunition cook off if the turret did get hit.

And the thing even HAS a proper ready rack in the model, if you take enough ammo the ready rack next to the loader gets filled up, But its NOT the first stage ammunition. furthermore, Where does the Commanders Radio go? The Electronics and NBC System? all of that should be in the back of the turret where that ammunition is.

If you think thats wrong you need to have some reliable sourve to report that, IIRC placements and usage order of ammo racks is decided from documents.

“The fabricated aluminium armour turret is equipped with a low recoil 105 mm L7 gun and fires standard NATO ammunition. Eighteen ready to use main armament rounds are stowed in the turret with a further eighteen in the hull.”
Found this on this site.
Suggestion for MK11 also comes from old forum, where 18 round turret ammorack is mentioned: Old Forum Suggestion
Heres photo of ammorack below the turret, it would be too uncomfortable to get them out and load and keep up good pace.



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From what I’ve seen there’s been a lot of praise for this vehicle and it’s quite strong.