Why does the UK tree not have the CL-13 yet

The Uk tree doesn’t have the CL-13 and it should and would be easy to add but Gajin haven’t yet


because then we wouldn’t have to suffer with the Meteor


From what I heard was that there were too many Sabers or they were too new at the time.

Would give a good jet to the UK


Avon sabre superiority


Why does the US TT not have a missile saber yet? You know like the F-86H-10…

Anyways would love to see a British saber, just getting into jets in the British TT and would love to fly this under her majesty’s (RIP) colors


Does the F-86K not count?

In that middle photo is the saber armed with a 30?



They all are. 30mm ADEN’s


I don’t believe that the F-86K had guns or missiles in US service, could be wrong though. I’d personally still rather see the H’s in game, since there is already K’s in game

Oh awesome!

The Australian sabre is the best sabre :D
Would be a nice addition to the UK tree


The RAF Mk 2/4 and SAAF Mk 6 are TT

CAC Saber being an SQV

With an RCAF Mk 5 being premium.

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Because Gaijin makes money off hype and Cold War stuff isn’t hype enough. This absolutely isn’t limited to Britain despite what some would like to think. Half the Century Series fighters are missing and those that are in game often only have a single representative. The Soviets are missing all of their interceptors, and there are dozens of German aircraft, especially East German ones, that are missing from the game. Many of these, like the CL-13 for Britain, would literally just require copy and paste to add.
But the general, more casual playerbase isn’t going to see a MiG-17 or Sabre and think “wow that’s so cool I better buy an F-20 to research it”.
So Gaijin isn’t incentivized to add vehicles, especially aircraft, beyond top tier.

Since when is the F-86K in the USA tree?

He asked “IRL” not in game obviously,…

No I just didn’t realise the 86K wasn’t in the US tree.