Why does the Type-90 feel way better to play than the Type-10?

Just unlocked the type-10 and honestly it is just a big letdown. I’m not comparing a spaded type-90 to a stock type-10, I’m comparing them stock. The type-10 just doesn’t feel like an upgrade. After the type-90, the type-10 feels like it ate to much borgar and became fat. Before, i could get to positions faster than enyone and get an advantage, but now everything is just faster than me and i cant use those positions. The speed of the type-90 made its stock gring bearable, but the type-10 just doesn’t have that. Isn’t the best tank supposed to be at the end of the techtree?

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The type 90 and type 10 are very different tanks despite the reload. The 90 has good armour for its br plus the gun so it can be more aggressive and get away with it. The type 10 doesn’t have the equivalent armour protection for the increased br to you become weaker in that regard meaning you need to play more passively.

probably because it’s using less powerful engine. it supposed to have better acceleration due to have new gear or something but not reflected to the game. so yeah, it’s just gaijin spaghetti code all over again. there was a time where the forward and reverse was flipped? (probably, i just don’t really remember that correctly), and the neutral steering really screw your speed. again spaghetti code

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Because the neutral steering is catastrophic in the Type 10, it takes 1-2 seconds before the tank starts turning on the spot without any acceleration. Obviously this is a bug or possibly “intended” by the game.

It’s an ongoing problem with neutral steering in this game.