Why does the TDD act like its Manually loaded?

The TTD was a Autoloaded MBT, it used a VERY similar system to the Leclerc for its loading system, WHY does it act like its Manually loaded?

It slows down when you lose the loader, it stops loading if you go to put out a fire, it even resets the reload if you LOSE the loader, all 3 of which are things that a Autoloader wouldn’t do.

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as far as i know it isn’t autoloaded. where did you see that info?

Some documents must have been found or something.

Because i remember reading multiple places it was fully autoloaded.

But now most places say it was Semi Automatically loaded, what ever THAT means.

as in there is a mechanism that feeds the rounds to the loader who then manually loads them into the breach.
or are you perhaps thinking about the MTTD ? because that one is autoloaded.