Why does the t-72b3 have a reload rate of 7.1

Meh, i like my t72’s (moderna is love and best looking imo) i dont have a problem with leopards honestly. Sure i get the occasional non pen or weird ricochet but no more than when im fighting other t series and get a volumetric shot. Besides if the t72’s all got like 5-6 reload they’d all need to go up. The 9.3 t72’s are pretty good imo, armor honestly bounces a lot in my experience or my breach only turns yellow but i do also die in one shot quite often. Besides if i lose a crew member at keast ill still out reload any tank without an autoloader if ive taken their loader few a few seconds anyways. Idk i dont have a problem with the reload considering i also encounter those tanks where they dont have their reload maxed out so 7.1 isnt too bad, but they are my opinions so feel free to hate them or not.

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And Dont get my start on that bs type 90 fuiji premuim that gaijin decided to add after i had suffered through to top tier japan

Thankfully I got there before the Fuji Incidient :"D

All but French tanks are treated that way.

Then there’s me that didn’t suffer Japan.

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But considering the 72s all share that relouad rate up to the b3 at top tier it begins to hurt them. I’m killed just a tenth of a second away from being reload. The relouad could be 6.8 on all 72s even a whole .3 longer then the 80s but its not cool to fight multiple western mbts all with faster reload rates then you and better rounds and often better turret rotation speeds.

As in you didnt play or you didnt think the grind was suffering

Me as well and that pissed me off something fierce as a japanese main. Because it was a worthless premuim to me

They owe it to japanese mains to give us the mpms already

Oh, you’re asking about the ammunition? Gimme a second on that.

There’s no purpose behind it… It’s worse than 26 in pretty much every way

They shouldve of given japan the f-2 viper instead of the f16

Expect its timed round

Unlike T-64/80 style MZ where we know differences by each autoloader, we dont quite know even GRAU indexes of T-72/90 style AZ, so to say it has an improved rate of fire is nothing but a speculation at max.

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Entered service in 2014. Uses the 3VM-18 programmable detonator. The projectile contains 450 tungsten rods, each weighing 3 grams and creates 2,500 fragments in a cone formation ahead of the projectile[14] when air burst mode is set. Air burst mode for use against infantry, light vehicles and helicopters, delayed mode use against bunkers and other constructions. Is currently used on the 2A46M-5 gun, mounted on the T-90M.[1

So is the max rate they give the leo2s and m1shuman crew.

It only ever has to do that much when changing ammo types and these ammo types being far from other.

Better rounds? Better turret rotation? Japan has some pretty rough turret rotations. I think 30 when maxed mine are about 25° /s and france has some pretty mid rounds like 560mm pen. Honestly pen doesnt matter past 400mm what matters is spalling. Dont get me wrong pen is a big factor makes weakspots bigger but if it has bad spalling then its bad. The british apfsds i think is like 570mm but has decent spalling. 3BM42 and up are all pretty solid imo. Like the standard imo for pen and spalling. Besides tanks all.have trade offs, japan armor is um a suggestion, sometimes it pretends to exist and other times you die to a bmp2m penning your breach with apfsds. (I got gaijined.) The majority of the nations have trade off but id still take a t72 often around the 9.x and up bracket just cause i think they’re solid. The later 72’s have decent pen for their br. I think they are fine where they are.

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When I’m talking about that reload, I’m referencing the amount of time it takes to reload 2 consecutive cartridges.

And how is that better in any way? 3OF26 EDKV has no improvement over the base 3OF26, what would 3OF82 change except for a worse anti-personnel frag?