Why does the t-72b3 have a reload rate of 7.1

It makes no sense why do the t-72s have reload rate of 7.1 the b3 has a imrpvoed rate for its autoloader is all i can find and the stock one seems to have the same speed the t80 does why the increase to 7.1

All AZ autoloaders reload in 6.5 seconds, with MZ autoloaders reloading in 5.9

In game that’s adjusted to 7.1 and 6.5, equivalent to passing over 2 extra shells and picking up a third, with each cycle being 0.2s.

6.5 + (0.2 • 3) = 7.1.

The T-72B3 doesn’t have any improvement to its autoloader, it still reloads in the same amount of time.


So giving both the t80 and 72 a 6.5 or even 6 second reload not even the fastest of 5 second would not be meta breaking would it

That seems unfair

I dont even get to choose unless i have done so before the game the first round it loads automatic. And I dont carry anything but sabot rounds anyway so I’m picking the first shell always unless its a missle which i only carry 4 of them.

Not a single vehicle in this game has the fastest possible firing rate available to them - Type 10 could fire its round every ~2.5 seconds for example, Leclerc at ~4s if pushed. Manual loaders can achieve 3s reload speeds under good conditions (and WT simulates perfect conditions). As such, Russia is no different in this regard to others, but if Russia receives their fastest reload rate; so should others.


How is it unfair?

Implementing a variable ready-rack is immensely difficult with the current build of the game, and detracts from gameplay friendliness.

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For the Type-10 and the Leclerc the base reloads are 4.0 and 5.0 seconds. There is variance, and possiblw faster speeds, but those are not standard nor realistically possible to do 24/7.

This is different in Soviet autoloaders, where they don’t have their base reload speed to begin with.

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Its unfair because you often get into knife fights with enemy tanks in close quarters and that fraction of a second slower reloard can get you killed. where as leos and m1a2s dont have to wait a constant 7.1

Are you russian main ?
Foxo? I don’t think giving both the t80 and t72 a 6.5 is asking for much its still 1.5 slower then most other mbts

Fair enough and the type 10 suffers worst of this as I main both japan and russia. The type 10 should be one of the best tanks in game but was nerfed. Its turret rotation should be as fast as abrams but isnt. I just dont get the 7.1 second reload for all of the t72s including the t72b3 which has a improved loader. WHy can’t we just get a 6.5 second flat on like the t80s.

Because Leos and M1s sacrifice survivability and turret size for an extra crew member and manual loading capability, which has the possibility of being faster than most slower autoloaders.

I don’t see a reason to.

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Not really, per a page from what I believe to be a T-72 manual which includes data on the AZ al; average firing rate was 8 rounds per minute, i.e every 7.5s - unless I am misunderstanding what you mean here by “base reload speed”, their current reload rate is actually slightly better than what it should be - then again, Gaijin does not simulate the need for the cannon to level out in order to actually reload, so that’s where the 0.4s the manual indicates go.




The leo2a7 and strv already domainate everything at top tier. Even the type 10 in close quarter and the type 10 round is nerfed under the dm which it isnt. Giving all russian mbts a 6.5 reload wouldnt be meta breaking. Maybe giving the 3m69 or 70 might be but I dont care that awful much that russia doesnt get its best round. I care that it seems to be unfair to keep russian t72s at 7.1 for no reason.

Well we have videos to of them reloading on youtube

For the very reason i mentioned is a reason to do so. Because russian mbts already suffer from a slow reload rate and not having the 69 or 70 round top sabot they have. So russia has slower turret rotations of all mbts on average barring the b3 and such. Worse reload speed and constantly get spanked by leo 2a7s as does every other tank lets be honest.

Reloading time can be anywhere from 7.5 - 9rpm, though that does not change that its minimum reload is 6.5 seconds.
Base reload speed as in a 1 cycle load, not the 3 that is represented in-game.

I don’f disagree with all getting 6.5s, as the T-80s don’t need much of a buff while the T-72 series would benefit.

3BM69/70 can only be fired out of the 2A82, which is found on the T-14.

Which should be given to t72b3s considering they refuse to give the 69 and 70 sabot rounds to any of the russian mbts.

Yes, and we also have videos of M1s and Leopard 2s firing rounds within 3 seconds of one another, however that doesn’t mean Gaijin will accept them as proof.

Maybe giving the 3m69 or 70

Neither of which exists, and nothing new has been reported on them since 2017 I believe (because, the only AFV in Russian “service” that’s actually capable of theoretically using them, i.e the T-14, exists in such a low quantity that it’s not reasonable for Russia to even try finishing their development cycle, much less setting up an actual production line.