Why does the t-72b3 have a reload rate of 7.1

None of them are capable of firing 3BM69/70. The only tank IRL capable of firing this set of ammunition is the T-14.


Sure give Leopard 2 and Strv 5sec or less reload too since they can irl


Both do exist and are currently in service, though they’re very new and reportedly surpass the Obj. '292’s 152mm APFSDS in performance due to an insanely high velocity and new subpenetrator.
Development is already finished, and it has seen production already.

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Can you site a source saying that only the t14 can fire them

Sure, source.

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I mean… I’d need a culmination of them, though in quick terms since I’m on mobile the current autoloaders can only fit 74cm penetrators, while the 2A82 can house 90cm penetrators.

3BM69/70 physically would not fit in any prior tank.


The leos are already the most broken tank in game

Well then give the russian mbts the 3mb59 as well as the 60 round



Current production has been halted until factory expansion, as Nizhny Tagil has been allocated the production of multiple tanks without the proper facility to do so.

3BM60 is already in-game, and little is known about 3BM59 as well as a lack of reason to implement it.

Only states that “new ammunition has entered state testing” phase, no mention of whether it’s KE rounds or programmable HE rounds.

So, where did you get the idea that the round is actually in service? Since this article does not confirm that, at all.

I know the 60 is in game the 59 is the depleted one the 60 is the tungsten. Well then the t90m should get the 3VOF128/3OF82 round

There is a lot of interesting opinions being thrown around, pay no mind to me…

I’m tired of rolling up onto a few leo2a7s who dont notice me till I kill one only got have my slow as reload cost me. The leo2s are the most broken tank in game period

Funniest part is that they’re doing this while massively underperforming in several aspects :>

while the typr 10 is just doing that in more areas

Type10s are nerfed in turret rotation speed reload rate, top type 10 underperfoming and it handles like a suv in the wind taking and sort of turn.

The type 10 should 100 percent be played more at top tier but you get less type 10s then you do lerlecs and shit. Why play the type 10 when its turret rotation alone will get you killed. Not to mention the type 10 round being nerfed. Reload is meh. And the handling as well. And the fact that a sherman can kill a type 10 from the front on its turret.

I play Japan, you don’t have to tell me that.

It depends where this round is, inside the ammo caroussell. If it has to rotate alot, reload rate can be even longer. If its closer, it might be a bit faster. So Gajin takes something in between. Also keep in mind that reload rates are a softstat free to balance.

Leopard 2 Tank Loader Training Simulation (youtube.com)

Other vehicles suffer that as well. Just watch at this training video from that Leopard 2 simulator. They reload alot faster than they do ingame. If the commander orders it, manuell reload speed could be extreme. They can even order a double shot, it needed…where the loaded has the next shell in his hand before the shot, to reload truly immeadetly after the gun fired.