Why does the RB 55C has IRCCM

Just why does the RB55C has IRCCM? I’m wondering because I only know it from top tier missiles.

It counters IR missile jammers, like the famous ‘eyes’ on the T-90A


As T-90A is on 10.7, it works only against Beam-riding missiles, which are pretty rare in western vehicles at this BR range.

ZTZ 96A (P) also has the IRCM same on the M1A1 Abrams.

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I just tested it out. Pretty useless then ig

Beam riding missiles aren’t affected by IRCM, they’ll go straight through. IRCM specifically affects SACLOS missiles without IRCCM/ECCM

Which still doesn’t make sense, because it isn’t IR guided missile; it’s a TOW.

TOWs are IR guided. The controller looks for an IR flare on the back of the missile to give it steering commands. They solved the IRCM disruption by giving it multiple flares in separate wavelengths

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Didn’t know that, thought that’s what the “Tube Launched, Optically Tracked, and Wire guided” meant, it was Optically tracked via a camera or something of the sort.

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